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  1. you probably were pushing clean power though right? i believe its distorting because the drop
  2. well the voltage drop is probably whats causing the distortion right? its clipping because its not steady? the box is roughly 6 cubes tuned to 34hz, pretty big port i dont remember how much port area id have to measure it again. how would i check for a dead cell? i really hope not its a $700 battery ugh. i just recently got the single to dual 0ga inputs for the amp and alternator so I haven’t bought more to go from front to back yet
  3. Pretty good from what I’ve found, they and mike singer work with each other from time to time too apparently. Both batts are good, all wire is either xs power or sundown ofc 1/0 and in the first page I said I cleaned every Ground and added two more. The voltage at the front is not bad like in the back as I’ve said like 6 times, the alt is fine!! Charging fine!! The power isnt getting to the back.
  4. Yes im going off the indicator on the knob but when I was using the dd1 to tune, when the dd1 distortion light would light up, then the knob would alittle after so that means that the indicator is atleast somewhat accurate right?
  5. yes right now i am, surprisingly i can hear it, probably because im not getting the full power from the amp i always have the knob down because im scared imma blow it until i get all this figured out, i have a 4 channel but its not installed. so my 240 amp alt isnt good enough for 3k?
  6. it was at 2 ohms before, and its not loud at all which is why i dropped it to .5, i guess i just need more than the one run of 0ga from front to back. i have 2 audiopipe 1800s i had strapped at 2 ohms on this sub until i got the sundown for a great deal, but wiring it to 2 ohms on the sundown just isnt loud but then again i guess i could try because the first time i had it at 2 ohms on the sundown it wasnt tuned with a DD1. With the two batteries and 240 amp alternator i should be able to run it at .5. I was hesitant on hurting the amp and emailed sundown support to ask and they said with my electrical it shouldn't be a problem, i just need to fix voltage getting to the back apparently. Voltage drop = distortion right?
  7. i added 3 runs of 4 ga with my 1 run of 0ga because thats all i had on hand untill i buy more 0ga, it stiffened the rear voltage up a little bit, now it barely gets to the high 12s mostly low 13s
  8. The 3k is the only amp, unless I misunderstood what you are saying, I’m sorry
  9. in the very first post I mentioned my equipment is in my signature 1 Fi SP4 18" .v2 Sundown SCV3k @.5 Ohms XS D3100 up front Northstar SMS AGM 400 in the back All XS Power 0ga OFC 240a Apex h/o alternator Pioneer AVH-X2500BT HU Dual 0ga runs from the alt to battery Dual 0ga runs from battery to amp
  10. I have stated what I have. Also what I have is in my signature. XsD3100 in front, the big ass North Star sms agm400 in the back, a 240a apex high output alternator, yes @.5 ohms. The voltage at the alternator and front battery at full tilt @2000 rpms is almost solid 14 at worst 13.8v it only gets that low at the amp. Which says the power is not getting from the front to back, so I’m asking how many runs of 0ga will be sufficient.
  11. Even a store bought CD is the same result, but i believe i figured out its a voltage issue now, wiring.
  12. XS D3100 in front, Northstar SMS-AGM 400 in the rear, and i actually went out there to test the voltage after my last couple of replies. I put one DMM at the front battery, and one DMM at the amp, while the front didnt really drop below 13.8/14 while at full tilt @ 2k rpms the voltage at the amp got dangerously low, in the 12s. So i cleaned up all my grounds in the front and rear, added a 2/0 from the alternator to the front battery so that makes a total of 4 grounds off the front battery, one going to the frame, one to the block, one to the alt, one to the body. I ran another run of 1/0 from the back battery - to the frame. Even though i have 2 runs of + and - from the back battery to the amp and 2+ runs from the alt to the front battery i only have 1 run of 0ga from front battery to back battery. Do i need more runs from front to back, just one more? two more? for a total of 3? same amount of grounds to match? seems power is now the issue.
  13. No down, 40hz and 80hz on the hu eq all the way down, I actually tried tuning the amp with the eq like that first just to see the difference from flat and all the way down and I could turn the hu all the way to 40/40 with no distortion unlike a when flat, but I still use 36 as max volume.
  14. bass knob was all the way up, The alternator company and The Amp Lab where i got it said my electrical is okay for the 3k @.5 and the voltage is pretty stable, im going to go back out and check over everything really good with a DMM.
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