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  1. planned on upgrading the alt and about how many batts?
  2. well so far its a stock alt and battery. No amp yet but still looking. all my previous set up usually consisted of 12's or 15's. was interested in a fi btl or aa mayhem. but once again not sure.
  3. Reconstructing my new set up and having trouble on a sub. I'm looking for a sub that can pack one hell of a punch but not break the bank. I'm looking not to exceed the $600 mark. Somewhere around there. I want ALOT of handling power LOUD and DURABLE! the amount of trunk space i have is eehhh. Its an 83 Olds big body like the big cadillac square types. Any input?
  4. Thanks. I think i got enough info on the concern i had. Really do appreciate it!
  5. wondering around ebay and came across these. Any comments? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/NEW-20-FT-2-CHANNEL-RCA-INTERCONNECT-CAR-AUDIO-CABLE-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem43a20f2d94QQitemZ290481712532QQptZCarQ5fAudioQ5fVideo
  6. I'm rebuilding my set up and have always used the affordable RCA's I could get. Is there really a difference in RCA's? I'm used to the 5 dollar cheap-o's but this time around I'm looking for quality, not quantity. I'm leaning towards all Rockford amps and wondered if I should go with all Rockford RCA's. Also checked out Darvex.com and noticed a BIG price difference in them. But what really is the difference?
  7. Ive been hearing alot about sundown. Are they really that good? But I think I am leaning towards 4 12's and two t-1000 or just one t-2500
  8. Ok so on 4 should I go with 2 Rockford T-10001bd (new 2010 model). My guy has a few in stock and gave me a VERY good price on them.
  9. YEAH ROCKFORD HAS NEVER FAILED ME. I got 2 T-1000bd power elite series amps, a p400.2 and a p300.1. These were all used on my last set up. 4 Pioneer Premier 12's @ 1200 max, 4 Pioneer 6x9 @ 440 max and 4 Pioneer 1" tweets @ 120 max. I was very very satisfied with the performance but wanted more. Who doesn't.
  10. Never heard of these brand names. All my set ups usually consists of manuf. like Pioneer, Kicker, Rockford, Kenwood, Infinity, JBL etc. etc. I'm kinda weary on using subs and amps I've never heard of. The Quantum Subs were @ a decent price too and was told that they're pretty good. They're rated @ 1500rms & 3000 max @ 2ohms. Looking to get 4 so thinking I might need two anps. Don't mind spending 2-300 each, somewhere around there. I've seen Sundown amps online but never actually seen one in action. Any thoughts on this amp?
  11. I'm currently rebuilding my set up and need to know what amp I could use to push at least 2 Quantum Audio SPL 12" Subs. I have all my components and head unit. Looking to go a different direction with my subs and amp. I switched all my components from Pioneer which I have always used, to all Kenwood. A friend of mine suggested I use Quantum Audio SPL. I was looking to go 4 12's but told me with these all I would need are 2 12's. Anybody know anything about these subs? And if so what I can use to push them.
  12. I'm currently in the process or rebuilding my set up. I have all my components and considering purchasing some Quantum Audio SPL 12's. My question is what good quality amp can I use to push them?

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