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  1. Cool site! On your background image, take the image code out of the body tag. Use this code instead: <style>body {background: url(img/png/wallpaper1.png) repeat center center fixed}</style> This will center, then repeat it. That way everything is lined up right! Because on high resolution monitors, (1080p & up), the background looks a little wild. That snippet of code should fix it though.
  2. I just called the DMV and they said you could not sell something if it's in bankruptcy. It was a 2008 GSXR 600 for $2500. 11,000 miles, frame sliders, HID kit.. clean title. Small scratches on the bottom fairing, but no cracks.
  3. He said America Finance is holding all of his bills, titles, and whatever.
  4. That's what I'm thinking... I feel as if he can just claim the bike as stolen or something... But I don't know how that works if he gives me a bill of sale?... I told him to meet me at the DMV today and we will talk to them there about it.. and he says he will do it, but I'll have to pay more, haha.. I said that's fine.. So I guess we're going to meet at the DMV later today. I'm just really skeptical about this.. It's a really good deal, and he says he's just trying to get a harley.. I mean if we do a bill of sale, can he claim it back?
  5. He assures me his dad is paying a bill every month, and he will have the title to me in November... Do I trust this guy? Like I've never dealt with something like this before... Salvage title sure, but this is something I've never seen before... He was going to sell me the bike with a bill of sale, then mail me the title.. What do you guys think?
  6. I've got a friend who could usually look up vehicles for me at his work, but he's out of town. Can anyone else do this? I've got a VIN I'd like to check out, but I don't have the $$ to buy a review.. And does anyone know if CarFaxes work with motorcycle VINs?
  7. Very nice!.. So thats a pretty good fit? What's holding it? or is it just nicely wedged
  8. I'm wondering if there's anything (kindle/ipad/etc) that fit in a double din spot with no cutting needed. I've seen a few builds where people have used other things besides a headunit, and I'm just wondering if there's any tight squeezes that work well?
  9. Tell the DMV you sold it. Here in SC, our title's have a rip off for the seller to keep and turn into the DMV which lets them know it's been sold.
  10. I hear ya.. Hmm, so can you go wrong with rim brands? .. What are some of the "better" brands..?
  11. Hmm, I didn't think about chrome. I was going towards gold! But I don't know.. I've never even messed with the rims on a car.. So I want it to look right.. But I feel like I see black on red to much!.. Or black on black, haha.. Red seems like a hard color to work with..
  12. Some of you may of seem may other threat about the "Hit & Run" on my motorcycle.. Well I ended up getting some money from my insurance company, so I went out and bought a H22 2000 Red Prelude (5 Speed). Everything's stock up to this point besides some diamond white HID's, but I'm planning on doing intake/exhaust/headers/computer/headunit... and RIMS.. But I can't decide on rims!.. These are the stock ones: And these are what I plan to get: And with a drop and a few other little things, that should bring the look to this: Opinions? Suggestions? Does anyone know things to watch out for on this car? etc..
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