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  1. Ok thinking about a 6th order then. But the restrictions would be the hole through the bed. the box would basically be a hourglass shape. it wouldn't be a that bad, but still wondering if it would work properly.
  2. Ok so I have a ford ranger with an AA Mayhem 18 and I'm looking to put a second one in. now my 6 cube box takes up a lot of room so I know a 12 cube isn't going to fit. lol So i was wondering if some of the box was in the cab and the rest in the bed would it work correctly? My plan is to mount the 2 18s face forward, with the port facing upward in the cab. then thew the hole the the back put the rest of the box. But because of the restriction in the middle idk if this would work properly. If this is a no go, would the Mayhems work in a 4th Order Blow through. or even a 6th order??
  3. Ok so heres the new port! It may not be the prettiest port, but this thing woke up the mayhem. Shook shit off the shelves in my garage in the few seconds i had it on to test it. lol And heres the trophy I won. lol
  4. http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/crescendo-audio-bc5500d-5800-watts-x-1-mono-block-bass-clef-series-amplifier.html heres the amp you want.
  5. Ok so the port is done and wow what a difference it made. I'll throw some pics up in alil. but I took the truck to a car show yesterday and they had an SPL comp there and my truck hit 147.2 DBs! I think thats pretty awsome, and I took home a trophy for the system!
  6. That box looks pretty sick dude. and for SPL, I was thinking music, I dont think I'll be burping any time. lol And damn I would love to be able to do open door hairtricks. lol I'll posts some picks and vids in a few days when its done.
  7. Well you see how it is in my truck. The back of the box is right up on the back wall of my truck. The top is really the only place to put it. And I thought 35 hz would be good for both music and SPL. Correct my if I'm wrong please. lol But my goal was, have it slam hard and still sound good when listening to music. I'm not really ever going to DB drags, unfortunately they arent very popular around where I live.
  8. Still Working everything out, but open to suggestions. box is 5.5 cubes. looking for 35 hz.
  9. Thanks guys. Yah I wanted to make the port bigger, but that was the only way to get it tuned to 35 hz and look clean. But now I'm still putting a bigger port on the box. It's going to be external 10x7 port that comes up and over the box. Should make a big difference.
  10. It's an 03. Thanks man, Yah they do look alot alike. lol Im hoping to get everything done by next week, if I can get good weather here. Once I get the sub going Im gunna start on a nice amp fiberglass door panels .
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