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  1. Thanks for the help. I went to a highly recommended installation shop and they took a look and recommended I did it myself and save myself the $100, seeming as its such an easy job. He gave me a 4 gauge fuse splitter which turns into 2 8 gauge wires that go to each amp. So now both of my amps will be protected along with the car . Going to install it tonight. Hope all goes good and no fires are started .
  2. I just went and bought the sub and amp got a cadence pack 600watt mono amp and sub in box for $230, Now the guy said the amp has a fuse so I wouldnt need one to be installed. Also my battery is in the boot of my car. Now i'm having second thoughts installing this myself.Thinking i should get a fuse still and also ground cable and the remote wire to turn the amp off with the car has got me confused what to do. What the guy at the shop said to do is connect the amp( This new mono amp has inputs and outputs), So i connect the mono amp and head units pre outs to the mono, Then output the mono amps signal to the input of the old 4x200 amp. Just confused on installing it myself, I forgot about ground cable and remote wire. Also dont know if i should go get a fuse or not.
  3. I'm not 100% on this but do I just connect fuse and wire the other amp to the battery and use the Y splitter to split the pre out cable into another line for both the amps. So i will need 2 splitter cables one for each side?
  4. Hey I have just bought another car and it has a 4x200 Audio line AL-804 amp installed to the 4 speakers. My old car ran 2 Earthquake DBXI-15D's and I sold them thinking I wouldn't want any bass in the new car. What I want to know is can I connect another low powered amp, maybe 400w max to the battery and get the sound from the other amp? (thought there may be a pre out splitter or something?) I don't want to have to take my car apart I still have the overprotective new car feeling . I am only after something very very low end and cheap. $100 for sub and $200 amp. Just wanted to know if there was a way to connect another amp without getting to the head unit. Or am I going to have to pay the price for professional installation? Thanks in advance.
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