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  1. ya..i listen to all kinds of music and Pandora..i figured the epicenter would give me a boost...it sounds ok..ima play with it for a few days and see if its any better. i now know not to turn it on when playing bass songs..:) it came with a 33 htz sub sonic chip in it..my box is tuned at 30, so i got a 20 htz chip...not sure if i should of..it wants to bottom out the subs too much.. thx
  2. im sure there are answer somewhere in here..but in a hurry.. im installing an epicenter and need to know if i need to turn the control knob all the way up when matching the gain like you do with the volt bass knob.. epicenter is set to 5 volts output but shows 2.5 or so on oscope..so im still having to turn my amp gains up like if it was running off the radio still.. volts go up some when control knob is turned up but the wave goes nuts and cant get a good wave reading..didnt think the epicenter had voltage in the knob...i duno..any help is appreciated .
  3. go fuk urself scoot...i can change that alt out in less than 5 mins..i wont be broke down....and to the rest of u tuff guys, quit postn..nuf said about this...or say what u want..im not comin back to the forum..i appeciate the good guys..others ..go fuk urselfs..
  4. volts arnt dropping below 13.5 with everything on at idle..and bouncing to 14.7 to 15.1 in between bass(14.5 average..saw the 15 once..BUT i do notice a little engine whine in the speakers now that i didnt have before..and im grounded solid..so..i duno bout that...but i still have the cheap cap in..will take it out when my d-blocks get here
  5. no didnt paint the sign..been called slayer sence 1990 army days..anything slayer is cool in my book...anywho.. sat in Branson traffic with everything running..wipers a/c..subs...no dimming(like befor with stock)..alt didnt blow up like a grenade...not to sure what else i can say to the haters.but.powermax gave me a decent alt...
  6. The guys been in bussiness for 35 years(wall to wall altenators)..i trush his word..and i saw the thing testing..his machine was old school..but with the loads he was puti ng on it. he new it was more powerful then the test.he smilled at me and said..its a good alt..its guna do what i need.ofc it wasnt a hot test...if it maxxes at 200 amps..perfect!!..happy happy happy..now quit wasting ur day repling to a dumb ass...
  7. results are in..took to oriellys first..just to see if it worked..guy took 10 mins to hook up and it didnt pass..but he said he didnt know what he was doin and i could see he didnt know much..but gave me the address of an Altenator place in town i didnt even know was there..first glance. guy says thats a ford alt and looks rebuilt with bigger parts and said its 200 amps..without testing..then after testing the guy said its at 75 amps idle and 195 amps at 1600 rmps..then said he actually give me 10 to 20% more because his machine was so old and really couldnt test at a high rpm..All in all its a good altenator...now the driving test will come soon... he also said..keep the old one just in case it fails..but he builds the same thing at his shop ..for 30$ more than i paid for this one..
  8. too kranny ... im an idiot..but u bought 2 ebay alts..classic..
  9. down in branson....surley oriellys has a clamp....??..
  10. guy at powermax promissed 100 amps at idle..and 250 with 1200 to 1800 rmps..if i dont like it, i can return it no questions ask.....so why not try..I DONT HAVE $400 TO SPEND ON A ALT!!
  11. time and $ is what made me buy it...and the good comments outweighted the bad ones...this forum and others..only 1 unhelpful vid on utube..askin a high class forum was my last resort.i knew what i was getn into:).but..thx every one for comments..
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