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  1. I dont think this one is mean to run free air simply because its just doesnt sound right and the excursion is way to high for nothing, allmost no bass at all, if I compare them to 1 of my friend boat, so im sure its need an enclosure
  2. yea but I dont know themP that my prob because I want to know which box I should made and if its should be ported or sealed
  3. Hey guys, I know maybe its not usual for everyone to hear tht here but I will build a sound system in my boat this winter, its my winter project and I need to know what would be the best dimension for a 10" clarion marine subwoofer, the frequencie response are 60Hz – 2.5kHz. I want to plug that to a Lighning Audio 300.2 amplificator and on a Clarion radio ofc (dont remember the exact model sorry) So yea I want to know if its kind of a good setup and if someone can help me in the dimension of a ported box for that kind of sub . Here is the the spec of the sub: # Features: # Efficiency: 88dB @ 1meter, 1watt # Maximum music power: 350 Watts # Impedance: 4 ohms # 10’’ mica-injection polypropylene woofer cone # Sanoprene rubber surround # Meets salt, fog and UV exposure standards (ASTM B117/D4329) # High-impact Centrex 814 grill and frame # Liquid drainage system # Rubber insulated tinsel leads # Gold plated speaker terminals # Stainless steel mounting hardware # Rubber mounting gasket # Model: CMSW10.1 # 9 1/16” Mounting Hole Diameter # 4 1/4” Mounting Depth Thanks in advance for your help
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