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  1. What board is the Orion using? Is it a common board do other amps use a similar design? Either way looks to be one badass amplifier and I'm wondering why the next amplifier up from this one, doesn't have the same 3 power and 3 ground inputs as this one does. Still very impressive I wonder how the longevity of this amp is. Definitely thanks for the testing Big D I watch all of your videos
  2. I'm a huge Fosgate fan, I'm just a little confused on the 4 gauge power and ground on the amp. It has those wierd terminals where you can't even use a 0-4 gauge reducer. Either way I love your videos big d keep it up!
  3. I had always bought my fosgate stuff from a authorized dealer until the internet became popular. With my last two amps i have gotten were factory refurbs sold by high desert audio and both of those work perfect. The most recent one would be the 1500bd mini. and its my fav amp I have evr owned and you just cant beat the 300$ price tag, considering my local shop wanted 899$.
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