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  1. OH, I didnt know that....tought they were accurate Guess Im going to coff the U$150 and get a DD1 Meade, do you guys plan to sell the used DD1s that comes from the exchanging to DD+1s?
  2. I guess I understand now!!! But then there is one problem: I cant play any music ? I mean, If my friend comes over with his pendrive and the music he wants to show me is at 0 db , if I set my gains at -5 db, i will be clipping at my maximum volume? That looks complicated....it means I can never be 100% safe
  3. Hey guys, I was talking to a friend of mine about the DD1 the other day, we stumbled upon the fact that it only measures distortion at 40 Hz, based on the following fact: I have a RF T2500 bdcp amplifier which does come with a output meter, so I tought I could trust it to , at least, know if im near clipping I used a 40 Hz test tone to set the thing by ear and eye (using the output needle), ok, it sounded preety loud at that frequency and didnt look distorted, so I was happy for that day, went to bed and slept The following day, I was at a lower volume , 15 (I've set my gains with a volume of 25) listening to some low bass music (woofer cooker, decaf, etc) and I noticed the bass was extremely intense, took a look at the output needle and it was ONLY red (maximum output) I was very confused, if I used the same principle as the DD-1 it should make that much difference between the frequencies....I was probably very near clippling at volume 15 while Ive set my gains at 25......if I did the same with the DD1, the same thing would have hapenned Am I right or the RFs output needle cant be trusted? So....why 40 Hz at setting gains with the DD1, and does that really work? I mean, couldnt I have a clean signal at 40 Hz and a clipped signal at 28 ? Thanks
  4. Just to let you guys know I fould out it as a scam.....didnt even contacted the guy back, but after some research I found out he usually is not honest, so I just gave up
  5. Hey guys! Good news, I think The guy sent me more pictures, he said 2 are like the one I originally showed to you , and 2 are like the newer model I found on the internet, he sent me these pictures: These are the 2 newer ones, he said they all are were bought this year, but the first two (older models) were bought on a first trip to the USA he made, and the another two were bought on a second trip, around 20 days after the first one He also sad he has the receipt (thus warranty) for all 4 batteries
  6. I think they all have that hole, yes So its an older model? I can see that there is also no handle for transportation, while the new ones have....correct? They are really, really, really cheap A new one in my country is around 600 bucks, the guy is selling them for something like 80
  7. Hey guys There is a guy selling FOUR D3100 XS Power in my city for an UNBELIVEABLE price He sent me these pics: http://mlb-s1-p.mlstatic.com/eros-hamer-5k2sd8000d250xbaterias-xs-power-9363-MLB20014913817_122013-F.jpg http://mlb-s1-p.mlstatic.com/eros-hamer-5k2sd8000d250xbaterias-xs-power-9381-MLB20014913806_122013-F.jpg Im asking because im about to buy them, and Ive heard there are some fake chinese XS Power batteries....can anyone identify if this one is original or even if theres a way to tell? As far as I can see, these are different from the D3100s Ive looked over on the internet..so they may be fake Thanks
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