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  1. little update. talked to my shop teacher and tomorrow i have 2 sheets of 1 inch mdf coming for a decent price. so the box build will start this weekend
  2. Time for a rebuild for the explorer. going to put 3 6.5s in each door as well as a supertweet. and bought 6 l7 12s that i would like to keep below the window line. As for power i have 2 aq3500s 2 kinetik batteries and a mechman 270 alt. went with the l7s due to the fact they are cheaper and with the power they will be getting it will get down
  3. yeah its snowing pretty damn bad here in central Illinois and its gonna keep it up the next couple of days.
  4. i like it just because i dont have school. but yeah i have a feeling the power in my town is gonna be knocked out soon
  5. cutler has missed every opportunity so far to score
  6. im not poundstone but he helped me with my whole build so far but on my build log he did comment on it
  7. my other hobby. Dirtbikes and quads. The dirtbike is a 01 KTM SX250 and the quad is a 00 Honda TRX400EX http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbO4P2x_sco
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