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  1. no not really, i loose some sleep somtimes because i just like being by myself but thats it....usually when we get in a fight its on her end. i just get the pleasure of dealing with it
  2. ya i think ill talk to her and tell her we need a break atleast for now. thanks for the help guys
  3. haha well maybe if we all pitch in ideas we can make up a master equation to all live by. and its not just two weeks of fighting. its the increase in fighting (it started after like the first 8 months)
  4. howd it work out for you guys? i doubt she does i mean just tonight she sent me a text saying "you sure you want to be with me forever:/ " or whatever
  5. i dont think its so much the freak out as much as it is how much shed just stop and break down...
  6. So I've been dating this girl for about two years now and things were going great. however about 2 weeks ago i started noticing that we get into fights all the time...ALL THE TIME! nothing too major but just exhausting you know? anyway it makes me not even want a relationship anymore, and i feel depressed all the time, ive even considered going to the Drs. for it. anyway i guess what im asking from you guys is, is there a best way to break up with this girl without having to stop being friends and all that? i know its near an impossible task but i thought id try and find out. any help would be great. sorry for the latenight rant....
  7. this is pure motivation! haha thanks man i know i want 26s so bad but brand new im looking at around $2400 and that lowering kits only about 6 if i do it myself:D
  8. ya ive tried things like jegs but i want to see MY truck you know? its just not the same i guess haha
  9. hey guys, i have an 09 silverado ext cab and want to put a 4/6 drop on it. can anyone PS this so i cant get a general idea? any help would be great oh...and maybe black out the rims
  10. NEW UPDATE!!! 2-24-09 YOU MUST HAVE 150 POST TO POST AN ITEM FOR SALE (that also means you CANNOT sell items through your sig or in the chat room below 150 posts) I only have a one, the rest is common sense. If your not looking to buy a product that someone has for-sale, Do Not Post in that thread, no matter how much you think someone wants to much money or what not. if you know they are scamming then that's a different story, otherwise Shut up, I'm tired of seeing peeps trying to tell people what is or isn't a good price on something they DON'T OWN. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hate to do this but people aren't understanding common sense. 1. Do NOT post dump. - Post dump is an unnecessary post - All items listed for sale must be listed with a asking price for each item - If you hate the price don't complain about, its up to the OP(original poster) to set his price, other wise PM him/her - If you are not interested in purchasing or are interested but do not have the money to purchase the item at the time you see the thread on that item that is for sale, do NOT post - Posts may be deleted without warning - Report to mod button is there for the sake of reporting the thread, USE IT - Repeat offenders will have a short ban from the forum 2. Do not question the moderators - No need to explain this rule, basically don't argue with them 3. Pictures with your name and date on a piece of paper shown with every item being listed is a MUST - if you have time to post you have time to take pics. if not we aren't interested in your thread here. - We have a moderation staff, we don't need 40 members posting that they need pics/150 post minimum or it will be deleted, it just clutters up threads and we have to delete all the random chatter to keep the threads clean. Anyone caught playing Rent-A-Mod will be sent on a 24 hour vacation. The rules are for everyone's benefit, just read them and abide by them its not hard. 4. References will help your sale 5. Do not bump your thread more than once a day - There is a difference between bumping and updating - A bump is a term used to move your thread to the top of the list - Do not BUMP others threads 8. Do not ask us to delete your for sale thread, they will be here for archive, we however can lock the thread. 7. Respect each other 8. NO FEELERS 9. IF you do no have 150 posts you CANNOT sell period. Nothing in sig either. 10. No links to off site sales other than Hot Deals. If you want to sell it here, make sure the post fits all rules for the appropriate section it is listed in. 11. NO RAFFLES WHAT SO EVER 12. DONT ADVERTISE YOUR ITEMS FOR SALE IN A WANT TO BUY THREAD IF YOU DONT MEET THE CRITERIA The rules are for everyone's benefit, just read them and abide by them its not hard. If you are a Vendor here with your own Section these new rules do not apply to you if your in Roscoe's thread below this of Super sellers these new rules do not apply as well.
  11. well went to court this morning guys and boy was i nervous! anyway went and didnt even have to go in front of a judge, instead it was some guy/police officer who handles stuff like this. he read over the police report and i told him i was never given a citation or for that matter talked to by a police officer and he told me that he thinks i got 10x the punishment of what it would of been and..........DISMISSED THE CHARGERS! im soooo re leaved! thanks for all the help guys!
  12. To be honest, that is something I can't tell you. Being a municipal court, the judges can pretty much do whatever they want to as they aren't held up to such standards as the judges who are in on murder cases and big drug cases. This is something you will have to be firm on. If the judge fines you, then yes...it will most likely go on your record. If he offers you otherwise, such as community service, then you have to let him know your end of the bargain, which is no criminal record. Tell him if he can't do that for you, then you want to go a different route. No use in doing all that work and it being on your record, if you can get a trial and have a chance of getting a "not guilty" in the end. Also, check with an officer or the judge and see if there is some kind of "catch all" charge. Our city has a "failure to show due care" charge, which works real simple. Someone gets a ticket or a small charge that can't show up on their record, we drop the original charge, and rewrite it for "failure to show due care". For example, a truck driver gets a "disregarding stop sign" ticket while driving his personal car...this could cause him to lose his CDL license, and his job if a charge like that is on his driving record. So, we write the "due care" ticket, and drop the "stop sign" ticket. Its a little higher fine, but the "stop sign" in not on his driving record...win-win situation. A simple possession is normally a $650 fine here...lets say I stop a nursing student and she has a dime bag on her...no biggie, I mean who hasn't smoked. She goes home for the night, and gets a small ticket...but she can be kicked out of nursing school for a charge like that. So, the charge is rewrote for a $200 "due care" and she does some community service to make up the rest...again, a win-win situation. I hope I explained that concept enough for you to understand what I am talking about. I am not very good a painting pictures with words. yeah youve done a great deal of help im just a bitch when it comes to judges simply because i hate being there. if he trys to fine me then ill try to speak up haha
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