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  1. I have had a Brand X electrical 270 amp alternator installed on my 2015 2.5L mazda 3 and at times my voltage is dropping to low 12s and sometimes 11.5 while cruising at highway speed. I am running about ~2000 rms on the stock battery and have all 1/0 OFC throughout including a ground from the alternator case to the negative terminal on the battery. I spoke with Brand X and they suggested I turn on some extra accessories like the defroster or a/c to see if it makes a difference and I am still getting the same results. I think the PCM thinks it can only provide up to the stock amount of amperage
  2. Would adding flares with a larger radius yield better benefits?
  3. Does the radius of the flare matter when using that calculator? What radius do the Precision ports use? I was thinking about going to a larger radius, maybe 1.5" What I meant by half was that Im only counting half of the flare radius and adding it to the total port length. For example the actual PVC pipe length was 22" with a 3/4" radius on each end( the thickness of the board added was also 3/4"). But for the effective port length I only counted 22" + .375" + .375".
  4. Sound good then. Lastly, when adding donuts and round overs to PVC ports is it acceptable to only add half of the round over width to the effective port length? For instance, the "flair" for the port inside the enclosure has a 3/4" round over, same as the port exit, but I only counted half of it on each end for the effective port length. Either way it doesn't make much of a difference, I'm just wondering what you recommend.
  5. It would be at least 6" away from any surface, same for the port entry inside the enclosure.
  6. Yeah its definitely a sharp turn, I have decides that next box I'm just gonna go with a straight port with no bends, bumping up the size will let me get away with a slightly shorter port length. I never new having the port too close would do that. How about something like this? a) b)
  7. This is the current box before I cut to the port to length. The final port length only sticks out ~7" and has a donut on the end. The new box can be like the current one but with no bend and If I bump up the volume to 2.7 cu.ft net I can get away with an effective port length of 22". The port will have to stick out about 12" for the entry of the port to be 6" the rear interior wall of the enclosure. I am not sure how close the port exit will be to the trunk lid. Or like this, I think I can manage to slide the port under the motor, or use multi
  8. Also how does the reduced output correlate to the less current draw? Was it just impedance rise?
  9. WOW... was not expecting that. Is it the same with 45s also? I don't even think its possible for me to get the required length unless I build a new box with the port firing sideways, but then the port exit would be <4" from the vehicle body. Or go to a smaller size PVC but then I might not have enough area. What's the minimum distance I can get away with having the port openings from the sides of the enclosure, sub, and vehicle? I think I could probably make the external port a little bit longer.
  10. I had a 15" fi Q in a sealed 2.5 cu.ft. box and then replaced it with a Sundown XV2 12" in a 2.5 cu.ft ported box tuned to 30Hz and I had a decrease in overall output and I don't understand why. I specifically tuned it to 30 Hz to get better low bass and it turned out to be less. I am running a DSP and for the sealed box I had the HPF set to 20Hz and the LPF set to 60Hz, for the ported I set the HPF to 22Hz and kept the LPF at 60Hz. I have my mids crossed at 80Hz. Young Jeezy- Put On, which I read the bass frequencies are 55, 44, 37, and 28 hertz respectively plays the first 55Hz note the loud
  11. I installed a new battery and it worked correctly, thanks. The old battery was at 7 volts..
  12. I was setting the gain with my DD-1 and I accidentally put the red probe on the negative speaker terminal and now it shows distortion no matter what, even before it detects the 40hz signal. Can it be repaired?
  13. Whats the secret to implementing the given amount of port area and area/ft^3 while sticking to your net cubic feet? I am using the Torres calculator and cannot do it.
  14. Does anyone here have any experience with crescendo's symphony line of amplifiers? I can seem to find very much information on them, crescendo doesn't even post and of the specs other than output which seems fishy to me. I am interest in their S1 full range monoblock which does 1500 rms @ 1ohm and has a small footprint. They also claim that due to their efficiency it only needs 4 gauge power inputs? The S2 looks nice also.
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