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  1. Building a JL W7 daily box SPECS: 3.27cu.ft box tuned to 32.61Hz with 15.13port area per foot theres 1in dowels for bracing anyway does this look about right, as far as proper port length for tuning
  2. i thought you meant did i have a sketchup for a aero port design
  3. i have but just to get the best, i thought giving it one aero port would be best because of possibly making one even the smallest bit shorter or longer than the ohter, and with one 6inch aeroport tuned in a 4cubic foot box, the port area per foot is very small
  4. remember that its a burp box i was about to say..lol
  5. Building my first burp box, this is is my first burp box, ive built two others just for daily. what i got: 1 Fi BL 15, 1 Audiopipe 15001D. the sub sees around a 1000watts maybe a little more. making a 4.14 cubed box tuned to 40hz, with 21.24 squre inches of port per foot. Anyway let me know what yall think this is my first slot port design, and if you have a good comment or suggestion post it.
  6. ? It would seem so lol
  7. Well im getting a voltae drop in my power line at the fuse, because i measured the voltage when my amp was in protect and got a low reading looked at my fuse(at which point i was moving it around physically) and my amp powered on and i was getting 12.whatever volts at the amp so i dont think its the ground, cause i tried the power with actual bare metal of the body and read the same. Im thinking its the fuse holder cause of the build up and everything, but its just weird cause it was working fine until i decided to mess with things before a competition then i hit a note while tuning lost power and its been downhill ever since. off and on
  8. its in a f350 truck and its a bolt for my seat, i just put i washer down then the terminal and the bolt goes through both, and runs through the body to hold the seat in place. but the ground terminal is not directly on the body
  9. idk i left it at 3/4 cause i tried adjusting it by ear, at between 3/4 and full it didnt sound a bit of difference so i just left it there, and my ground it on a bolt thats runs to the body edit: idk its the one that came with my amplifier, by Audiopipe. its got to spot on each end where you tighten down the wire to it, and then it connect with screws like a screw on each side of the fuse looks like the one on the right
  10. Its a 100amp fuse, im running 4g wire, on a Audiopipe 15001d but i dont see any melting or weakness in the line, but ya thats what i got, and i didnt realize the fuse did that i just thought if the power were grounded out, the fuse would blow before ish got f'd
  11. how do you exceed the power capability of the line, i mean i have it wired like normal, i just thought the wire would only run so much power, but ill have to test it and see on the wire getting warm.
  12. Another thing ive noticed is, where my wires go into my fuse/fuse holder, theres some sort of build up of stuff and it looks like the wires shorted out in there somehow but its not touching metal or anything but theres like a black substance and some other sort of build up in there like i said earlier. the fuse/ fuse holder came with my amp, could i be grounding out somewhere and my fuse is too strong for my power line.
  13. How is the box built as far as sub and port positioning, and does your yukon have a hatch, if so apparently subs up port back will get you the best results as far as db's go. other than that its just experimenting what works
  14. armykyle1 ppreciate it
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