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  1. I got some pics on here already, but I’m waiting on some more stuff to get here and once the weather gets nicer here in NJ I’ll start doing my rebuild and start a build log. I was thinking about it all last night and maybe next summer I’ll do a blow though and get a different trailer to pull my mud truck with. I was also thinking about just doing 2 more level 3 10s under the seat firing forward because my rear seat has a 3 1/2 lift and there’s plenty of room to do 4-10s or 3-12s. If I do a blow though I’m mounting my amps under the rear seat to keep them out the weather and safe from sticky fi
  2. I’m just curious what year make and model is your truck? I know shit gets expensive quick. I’ve been doing more research on the mixing of subs and some had good results, but to most people it was mostly a waste of time and money. I’m just going to swap in the new gear and maybe one day I’ll work up the courage to do a 4th order blow though and I might be able to use my gooseneck too! Here’s what my setup looks like now and I’m redoing the amp rack in black wood grain wrap and it should look good. Might even space the amp out a little bit and put some led’s behind the amps to make it look like
  3. And as for the factory alternators putting out that much power I don’t believe it and that why I got a mechman. And mechman only makes the large case for my truck and could only replace just the one alternator or I would of replaced both of them. They said they could build me a 240 amp one, but my stocker should be putting out about that much anyway. Maybe I need to rethink this.....
  4. It’s a 2017 f250 6.7 diesel. I heard someone before say something about the alternators switching back and forth between each other, but I could never really get a straight answer. I wish they made bucket seats for my year and I would do that. How about scenario: what if I did the console with 1-12” level 3? It’s the same soft parts as the 10” just 2” bigger?
  5. The subs are not going to be in the same box. One is under the seat firing down port towards the door and the console box I’m thinking about doing is going to be subs up with the port up or facing the back of the front seats or might go sealed. One good thing about this is my buddy has a couple boxes for 10’s that are empty that I can try out to see how it sounds before I build my box and make a new amp rack. I believe the stock alternators are 220 amps each, but I just got my mechman 370 amp alternator to put in. I would do 2/0ga, but I already have 100 feet of 0ga ofc from dc audio. So shoul
  6. Hello all, I’m upgrading my system from 2-10” dc audio level 2 subs on a dc audio 1.2k to dc Audi 2k and 2-10” level 3 subs. I’m currently running stock batteries and stock dual alternators on a 2017 f250 with one run of 0ga to the 1.2k and a 90.4. I just got a mechman 370 amp alternator and 2 D6500 to put under the hood. I was going just to swap out the subs and amp for the new ones, but right now the box is under the seat and I was thinking about make a center console box for the rear and reuse the 1.2k and the level 2’s so I can have more bass. So my question is, how many runs of 0ga should
  7. Hey guys, just want to show off my amp rack to see what you guys think of it. I tried to match the stain to the trim in my truck and it’s pretty close. Right now the system is out and I’m redoing the wall in abs and adding a dc audio 90.4 and removing the eq. Putting B2Audio rage 6.1’s in the doors. I’ll post more one it’s done
  8. I’m hoping one of you guys on here can help me out with doing the big 3 on my truck. I searched online, but couldn’t find an answer to my questions. I have a 2017 f250 6.7 diesel with dual batteries and dual alternators. I’m currently running 0ga wire from the passenger side battery to the rear for my amps(dc audio 1.2k and 90.4), but I want to run 0ga wire from the alternators to the batteries and run 0ga from the driver side battery to the passenger side battery also. So my questions are, can I run new wire from each alternator to the battery that the stock wires are running to? Then can I c
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