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  1. Oh yeah man it is real and it all works Hey if its for real then fuckit.. more power to ya.. Thankyou
  2. hell yeah it is ROFLMAO... and when the box blows up.. your running IB... anyways... i had sonys as my 1st subs too... dont underestaimate them... put them in a poperly designed/built encolosure and they could get loud... Maybe yeah but i've pushed it to the limits any times and it never blew up and well yeah you're quite right bout that at first i also thought that these things dont work very well but it is quite a powerfull sub for its size and model (it is a 2007 sub)
  3. i know man but this cardboard was just a try for some fun and experiment. I'll be getting a wooden box soon enough.
  4. How do you make your 12' slam a 1000 watts when your amp only puts out 600? Btw put up a video, this is just too good to be true! lol bro 600 watt is the power taken in and 1000 watt is the total sound power (the electricity is converted into sound) I can put up a vid but to tell the truth my camera is very very bad and it wouldnt be any use to see a bad quality vid just wait for a few days i'll make a vid with a good camera and post it here
  5. lol yeah if a theif opens the back he will see a vaccuum sitting in there no fear of theft hahahahha
  6. 6.5's are already is a small wooden enclosure. It just started when i got interested in this stuff and i decided to build the enclosure for some testing and fun and well it works quite well. I have plans for these holidays to build a proper enclosure for this sub. I'll update this post as soon as i make some changes.
  7. Thankyou bro. I've learnt alot from this site and really it gave me inspiration to build my system
  8. Hey guys this is my build of a 1996 suzuki hatchback. It is not a very powerful system but it is a clean build and a very cheap one too. It is satisfyingly loud for the equipment and the sound quality is also very clean and good. and the interesting thing about it is that the sub box is made of cardboard but still it sounds good and hits hard. I'll post some pix here for you to see. I've braced the box with some wood outside the enclosure. The total specs of the system are Kenwood MP4036u H/U Pioneer 6/9" mids 2 6.5" mids 2 tweeters at the side 1 Sony Xplod 12" sub slamming a 1000 watts 1 Almani Al CH600 600 watt amp for the sub only See the pix here http://www.flickr.com/photos/realestnigga/ First the 6.5's were under the seats then i took em out and removed the backseat and put em there. The updated pix are in the "Changes in the system" Folder.
  9. LOL man i dont live in US so its not in dollars. At my place car audio is really expensive.
  10. Yeah man its just about the fun in doing experiments. Why I didnt build a wooden box is that if it had gone wrong all my money and wood would have been wasted so i took out the box of the vacuum cleaner from the store and made a hole in it and then added braces with some wood i already had and there you go. It sounds and feels really loud when it plays so whats better than that. I didnt spend any money on it and it still works well. But i'll be upgrading to a wooden box shortly. Its always good to do experiments as you always get to learn something new from them.
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