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  1. Hi I had an issue with those Yinlong cells and a BMS 6S balancer. One day I wanted to take my car to go for a ride after more than 1 month that I didn't use it and I saw that my cells was almost completely drained, like they had around 5v. So I charged them with my DC power supply to 14.8V and after 1 week (without driving the car) the voltage droped again to 13.2v. And the thing is that from the beginning I hear the balancer making a noise even when the car is turned off, So I wonder if my dropping voltage doesn't come from there from that balancer?
  2. First time i test with the track 5 and i have the same problem with this noise "bzzzz" Tomorrow i set with track 5
  3. While ago I tried to adjust the gain again with the track 7 on SMD CD, and I noticed when I do gain adjustment the red light distortion of the SMD DD1 turns off when the gain is set but I still hear a sound like "Bzzzzzz" on my amp. Is it normal or the DD1 is not properly calibrated? When I decreased the gain, no noise...
  4. Ok thank you for your reply On this headunit there is something called "Slope" and can be set from -18db to -6db ... and i leave -18db when I did gain settings with the DD1 I hope I did well?
  5. Hi Today I went to adjust the gain of my amplifier with the DD1 and i have a question about that. My Pioneer 8200Nex (F88DAB for Europe) doesn't have distortion when I directly measure the RCA output of subwoofer cable from Headunit. I can go to the maximum volume (40) But when i measure directly from the amplifier i have a distortion at 39 don't know if this is normal. So i put 38 on headunit and then i play track 5 and turn the gain up to see where is the distortion on my amplifier, and the problem is here (if it's a problem..?) I have a distortion between 3 and 5 on amplifier gain, it'
  6. Yes i have a subsonic why ? ( Edit: I set my Frequency today i put AP on my speaker amp and all way down for frequency and i put frequency of subwoofer amp little bit more than 80hz, everything works good ) ( is it good like that ? ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3i_vSlyPYUU&list=UUhPqnVowNXYs6hHgCkLt_Ow&index=1&feature=plcp
  7. Sorry it's difficult for me to understand ... On back of my Rockford amp for speaker i have LP, AP, HP and frequency level And on my Hifonics amp i have just frequency level On my HU i put HPF to 100hz for my speaker and LPF to 80hz for my subwoofer And my question is, what i need to put on amplifier if I want use frequency of my HU
  8. Hi, i set my gain and I did not put the Loudness, but i have a question, if i want set my Frequencies from my headunit and not from amplifier, i need to put the frequencies on amplifier at minimum or maximum to have a Frequencies from HU ? Because when i put maximum frequency on both amp my sound is not at 100hz for speaker amp and 80hz for subwoofer amp, and when i put at low frequency they do same .. so what i need to do ?
  9. Tomorrow i make a video and i'll show you how i do ok ? it's better my english is not very developed ^^ thank you all
  10. I do like that you tell me if it's good: -I put all flat on HU and turn it at maximum power -Put all way down on my amps except the frequencies i put all way up -Set my gain with track 3 for subwoofer amp and 4 for speaker amp ( put AllPass on my RF amp and when i set Gain i put HighPass right ? ) -Set my frequencies at 100hz for speaker, 80hz for subwoofer -Set my EQ on Headunit, and that's it ? When i do that i can listen music at maximum power on headunit without having problems? On crossover of T2652-s, i need to put 0db and Axis On ? or it's better i put Axis Off ? it change anythi
  11. for set my gain, i play track 4 for my speaker amp, and play track 3 for my subwoofer amp So i can set my Eq but it's better i don't use Loudness right ? ( my HU is Pioneer 7200SD )
  12. I have a Hifonics BRZ 2100.1D for my DC XL 15, and Rockford Fosgate Power 600.4 for my 2 T2652-S i put track for sound quality ( i don't remember wich track is ) and i put loudness because the sound seems clearer I do like you said for the amps. So my set with DD-1 is good but for the loudness i need to turn it off ?
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