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  1. Na im in ne but nxt tax tym im spen 4gs on 2 dc 15s ,2 dc 3.5 some knu wire xs or kinetic batts and 2nd alt and rockford 360.3
  2. Like the title say if you had 4,000 DOLLARS what system would u get from top to bottem alt,batts,amp,wires,sub,mid.....all of it
  3. and on top of that 3400d or 3100d i cant remember ik ther 250 a pop from xs or kinetic 2000
  4. for 50 ft spoolsi will c but ill brobly get the ofc knu stuff then wat other good stuff is out there for around 150
  5. will do i guess i could go 100 ft on + and 50 on - for now and add more grounding later becuase i would like to ground the back batts to frame and where the 2nd alt is
  6. the runs from batt to amps , batts to batts , same as grounds will be short.......the runs from alt to batts will be about 10-12 feet
  7. Or get Lucky and run into a lot of ppl selling stuff...... And does anyone ever even us candece
  8. Yea eather 200 ft of cca or 100 ft of the good stuff
  9. Because as weird as it sounds I'm on a budget and if I can buy spools before my deadline then I can get the 360 if I cant get the spools before then I can't get it?!?!? And war do u run rebal
  10. And yes I'm setting everything with dd-1 cc-1 and a clamp meter p.s. I'll also be getting a Rockford 3sixty.3
  11. I will 2 + and - into each amp plus 4 + runs and 3-s..… and way about candece
  12. Here in a few months I will start a all new system with a new car. I now there no such thing as cheap wire but I wanna try and save sum money . I will have a aftermarket altinator sending 4 runs of 1/0 back to 4 batts ( 2 batts each ) to two 3.5k (dc) and wanted to know if knus cca would work
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