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  1. 8 minutes ago, Masterbasser said:

    Sent my mechman 320 into mechman for servicing, was charging at 18 volts, and was outside warranty, so I sent it in last week Tuesday and already have it back today ! awesome customer service. keep up the great work. lets see another alternator company fix it the day it comes in and send it out that same day!1f60e.png1f60e.png


    will be using mechman for my new build too!

    great to hear!! Did you already install it? working okay?

  2. On 1/9/2017 at 9:43 PM, twalker182 said:

    What's the recess for where the screws go?

    I don't know if anyone answered this... but I'm assuming because of the size of the basket and the weight of everything they needed to do that for strength of the basket

    it also may help with mounting it I guess

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  3. 1 minute ago, meade916 said:

    supposed to last 2 years under normal conditions....but i will "reload" it probably at least twice a month (after it gets washed) and she is always garaged.  Also, it doesn't get driven a lot anymore so it should last a lot longer than that. :)

    dayum! Even if its once a year that would be some great stuff... I'll have to find out more about that Thanks for the reply!!!

  4. In NJ u cannot have front tint at all.. I also have very light tinted windshield but only one cop mentioned it this year lol

    lucky! I'm in NJ as well and I have slight tint on front windows... been stopped (at night when I had windows open) and ticketed .... cop didn't even ask me to roll them up just gave me the damn thing. But he tried to give me a ticket for running a stop sign which I called him out on ... maybe that's why.. d1ck move on his part either way

  5. I would like to hear from Steve Meade on this and you delete this I will take it directly to him at his shop it only 40 minutes from where I sit.

    here a link to the picture you keep removing for Steve can see and make a decision.

    You talk like the mod's are infallible they are not they may be right 98% of the time but this time I don't think he is. So whatever Steve says I can live with. And for you saying bullshit drama I don't play those games and if you read if he delete this last post then I would take it to Steve.

    You guys act like Steve is a mindless puppet and you guys do all of his thinking for him. This is his forum and bullying and to intimidate others members just makes him look bad.

    There are only 2 of us mods on here that are worth a damn and do anything. The rest are MIA doing whatever the hell they are doing.

    We do not catch everything but if we see it or its reported it gets removed. I try to check this thread several times a day, but I have a life besides sitting behind a computer screen.

    If you need a third let me know :unknw:

    you just keep working on your car... and posting how to do it so I don't have to figure it out.. kay?

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