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  1. I don't know if anyone answered this... but I'm assuming because of the size of the basket and the weight of everything they needed to do that for strength of the basket it also may help with mounting it I guess
  2. I haven't played it myself yet... but youre on PC with it right???
  3. dayum! Even if its once a year that would be some great stuff... I'll have to find out more about that Thanks for the reply!!!
  4. Love that HU .. and all the old Mobile ES stuff. They were ahead feature wise when they actually were in the game.
  5. Just received my Precision Power Dsp-88r... going to fiddle with it this week and look at downsizing sub to fit in the Mazda3

  6. - Nothing yet. USPTO is finishing up now! black and blue sales???
  7. no HS makes this kinda lame.... I've got kill shot ready but it just does more damage no insta-kill... lol
  8. i want the small stuff... how small is "your stuff"??
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