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  1. Need the extra cash... Selling these three lens: Rokinon 50mm f1/4 AF - $425 (e-mount) Sony FE 28mm f2 - $315 (e-mount) Sony 55-300mm - $100 (a-mount) Will take reasonable offers ... All prices are subject to shipping costs. Only continental US and Paypal verified only... Posting the album with my lenses Sony Lenses
  2. Thats a huge fcking laptop.... are you never taking it off the desk??
  3. wish I could afford one of these right now... since I can't, I'll just rep ya, Karkov is a good guy buy with confidence
  4. Long time member ... mainly in the Random posts .. and once in a while I have advised or helped a fellow member but this will be my first real build log. Photos will come way later but I'll post up my equipment. Currently own but not installed: PPI DSP88R (might do a mini-dsp instead) Zed mikro4 RF T500-1bd Eric Stevens mini horns SB Acoustics 7" mids (model no. escapes me) 15" Xcon d1 Soon to come: Build a ported box around 4cuft tuned close to 30hz
  5. I don't know if anyone answered this... but I'm assuming because of the size of the basket and the weight of everything they needed to do that for strength of the basket it also may help with mounting it I guess
  6. Power range will be around 700-1k at the most .... I'm trying to stay with stock electrical ...
  7. Looking for some help with an enclosure for a 15" xcon... I could go sealed but I need the help of you gurus to figure out how to get it ported Currently I have the Xcon in an enclosure that is roughly: 32" w x 17" h x 15" deep ... I have a 2016 Mazda3 hatch. My max dimensions for depth is 19.5" but that's only keeping a flat wall, I'm wondering what can be done about having the enclosure sort of follow the back of seats at the present angle. Like so but less aggressive of an angle obviously...: So my hopes for the enclosure are: 1. Ported - 6" PSP port 2. Max dimesnions would be W-26" H-20" D1(top side)-19" D2(bottom side)- about 22" 3. frequency would be lowest I can get with a 6" port Specs for the Xcon: Photos of hatch space:
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