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  1. So who is the jackass slacking on updates....my bad peeps. How about a couple vids of it from a tuner show last weekend?
  2. Me, Chode, and Austin will be there around 4 ish Friday night. Shits. About. To. Go. Down. Did we mention free shots being passed out by Team Deadly Skirtz to those of age?? Make sure to tip your shot girls tho since they are working hard!!
  3. Yeah, I'm alive. To be honest I am on here just about every day, but mainly in the TDH team section and usually on my phone.
  4. Fellas, fellas, fellas!!!! I hope everyone out there is getting their hotel rooms booked and GPS's set for the 19th and 20th of April. Get those builds (and rebuilds) finished, those mids and highs tuned, the batteries fully charged, and those gains set....cause this is gonna be here before you know it!! If you're east of the Mississippi, you don't want to miss this show. And if you're west of the Mississippi, you might wanna cross that bridge and get here!!
  5. I understand your love for the guy and the show but saying its better than sbn is a bit much SBN will have the vendors, and a better night life selection right next to the venue....but not having to worry about being shut down while demoing, or having a small window to demo in the area (SBN), and having a pretty structured street battle event are what we are pretty much talking about. There is ZERO chance cops come and tell everyone to shut it down here. It's also very centrally located for the eastern seaboard of the US, which helps us a lil more than SBN. I know this isn't the biggest show out of the two now, but if we can continue what was started last year there is no reason to think it couldn't happen in 2015. And as Rainman215 said, the feedback we got from several people who attended both events was that they preferred ours due to the above comments.
  6. bou gawt damn time bish lol Shit, you ain't lyin about that!! You gonna make the trek down to Jeff's show in April? Honestly thinking about it. These trips are getting to be spensive.. I really wanna go tho.. I hear ya on that. Hope you make it though, should be a good show. Thank you sir...and clean up when you're done, lol! The roof and hatch are solid as hell, but a go pro is definitely on the list. Yeah, my rear view mirror doesn't stay put at all. The back glass is prob gonna be an issue at some point in time.
  7. bou gawt damn time bish lol Shit, you ain't lyin about that!! You gonna make the trek down to Jeff's show in April?
  8. Absolutely sick!! Hope you can have it done in time to bring it to our TDH show in Richmond on April 28th. Would love to get a demo of it.
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