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  1. So I thought they look very similar to the older Mirus line that that had the convertible setup as well. Anyways I just finished adding an amp to them and they sound really good. Added a cheap Rockford prime r400-4d thats rated at 75RMS @ 4 ohms to match them up. I still have them dialed down a bit just in case i need to break them in like subs. Nicest sounding set I owned so far.
  2. I used some window seal foam strip under the speaker ring and where the adapters sit on the rear deck. Also gave it some Dynamat treatment for good measures.
  3. Hi so I just picked up a Rockford Fosgate Prime R400-4D. Its 4 x 75 @ 4 ohms Class D. So they recommend having a 40A inline fuse. Would it be ok to run say a 60A or 100A instead? Pros and cons please. Also this what I have readily available at home. But if I should stick to the 40A then I will. Any input will help thanks.
  4. Ok that was interesting reading. Thanks for the input. So to add I did not pay retail and bought them new off a friend for half of retail. Just finished installing them and I'm impressed with it. Yes I'm no audiophile, but just running off my stock system and it sounds great already. Noticed alot of the same music I listen too had notes I never heard before. I will be adding a amp to them soon and hopefully reach its potential. I do like the convertible solution of being able to remove the tweeter out. Wish they were beefier though would be my only complaint. Going to do some more listening...
  5. Hi I have been searching for some reviews of the DC AUDIO DC61-2 convertible 6.5" speaker set and have not found any. Does anyone here have any experience with them or heard them? Would you recommend getting and what would you compare them to? I am figuring that the DC subs sound great and are well made, so the speakers should be too i guess. Trying to see if I should just get them? I am thinking of using them in my 2014 Accord Sport as a stock replacement and then add an amp down the line.
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