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  1. Thanks! I just got a idea. Its time for plan b! I got still some panels laying around. I will glue that on top and on the bottom, covering the biggest area's. And then see what will happen Resin is also a option! hmm
  2. Hmm... at high levels its a little bit resonating and shaky Will make a other box then
  3. But for the box, it was stable! Nothing blown yet All the rattling is from the panels. I think, if it was a sealed box it would ripped apart already.
  4. only thing i could potentially think of is something with a neo magnet. not many 15's out there with neo's but maybe 4 of these 8's? Thanks, I will look into it. The 8's you gave me are a little bit heavier if I take 4 of them. I will try to use birch next time too
  5. Yes we do Another question, im running with 1x RF Punch HX2 12 now, but what woofer would pound harder, and would be lighter? A light 15 maybe?
  6. It held up pretty good See how long it takes before it breaks down I tuned the box to 30hz, sounds little less louder then my other box that was tuned around 50hz. But noticeable playing lower. Will make a video this weekend
  7. Ahaha, do you think it would rip the wood apart? Can't wait trying towmorrow
  8. I know its wrong, but had some panels laying around. Decided to make a box, light as possible. Didn't tested it yet, but had noting to do anyways Maybe I will try fiberglass if this one wont work out. This is one of the first boxes I ever build My original box with sub +- 30kg. This box, with 4mm MDF +- 10kg.
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