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  1. Triticum and Joe X, You guys have given me some great options to consider. I was all set on the PR, but now might try one of Joe X's designs. Either way you guys have given me more information than I had before, thank you.
  2. I really appreciate your input, I have 2 more questions for you: 1) By my calculations the (2) 15" PRs only have 9% more displacement as compared to the (1) 18" high excursion PR, is my math right? The cost is about the same either way, I was leaning towards the 18" PR because it would take up a little less space inside the box. 2) It is possible to estimate how much db gain the PR scernario would give more over the box with (3) 4" aeroports? Thanks again! Jake
  3. Thanks for the replies guys! Joe X, I don't think I can stretch it to 12" deep, I have a wakeboard boat and put wake surf boards in the back of the bed and to maintain room for the boards. I appreciate the design. Triticum, would the PSI 18" High excursion radiator work? I think I have barley enough width for (3) 15's if that is what it takes.
  4. This is a "Mid Gate" Box for a chevy avalanche, I took the factory mid gate out and used it as a template to make my box. This box is just for music, not competition A passive radiator is an interesting idea, does anyone know if that would yield a better outcome that (3) 4" aeroports? Thanks for the help
  5. I have been spending the last hour reading Triticum's Port Calculator and realize that my box is causing port compression and limiting the output of my Fi Q 15. Currently I have 2.8 cubes with (2) 4" aeroports. I have a 2000 watts of power and can do a maximum box dimension of 49.5"L x 19.5"H x 10"D with (3) 4" aeroports, this equals 2.8 cubes and 37 sq. in. of port. According to Tritcum's calculator I need a minimum of 41 sq. in. of aeroports. My questions is this: Will my 15" Fi Q with port compression still have better output than say a 12" Fi Q without port compression that has more ideal port area? Thanks