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  1. nice one.. i just ordered new cob leds for all the interior off ebay the other day.. vanity, map light and new park lights should be my next post =)
  2. ID cut it out again if i was to do it over again.. well worth it.. i just wished there was enough air space for 2x18s
  3. my previous build in this thread was 2x 12" in the back firing up at the window.. there just isn't enough air space in that trunk for 2x15.. if i had enough airspace for 2x18s .. trust me .. i would have done it..
  4. its on adjustable coilovers.. its wasn't a huge amount of weight to add.. around 200lb or under.. its like a steady passenger. I planned everything in the build with weight in mind.. Plywood over MDF .. components have NEO magnets..
  5. now to fix this problem BLOW HOLE
  6. This last panel i will wrap and then plan to add two fans to it.. 1 push 1 pull.. need to order some fans first..
  7. almost got it finished.. first i flipped the bat up right and moved it back to make space.. added more runs and grounds..