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  1. how many of you guys are into the bodybuilding forums? well I am all over the bodybuilding forums under the same name i have on here. i am a board rep manager for a site and I was curious to see how many of you guys spend time on these forums. as my job i post up discount codes and throw contestest on the forums and etc. if you are on any forums let me know what forums your on and your screen name as well. and Yes i cycle and i love it. if any one has any questions about the site i board rep for just send me a PM... DEE151
  2. i thought if my speakers are at 20hms that i can run the BRZ2100.1D at 2ohms and the amp will give me 1400watts? I am cool with 1400watts if this is correct. and I do not plan on going upgrading my subs, plus audio savings has a package deal on this amp with the wires and Capacitor for 361$. I did try to see if they had the BRZ2400 but he does not have it.
  3. do you mean go with a bigger amp that puts out more watts?
  4. BUMP can some please help me out with this post?
  5. will the 2100watt amp be a good one? at 2ohms its 1400watts will this work for my subs? my 2 12'' kicker subs are 2ohms cvx 750rms peak3000 http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_23549_Hifonics-Brutus-BRZ2100.1D.html
  6. ^^ can some one let me know if this will work for my subs at 1700watts at 2ohms?
  7. Can I always go with the Hifonics_BRZ2400.1d amp and at 2ohms it will be 1700watts? will this work? the BRZ1700.1D at 2ohms is only 1200 watts I think I am going to go with hifonics just to save some cash. do you guys know any hifonic authorized online dealers? I can find this amp on a few sites but i would prefer to go with authorized dealer.
  8. never heard of this brand can you shoot me a link to this amp?
  9. 500$ can you shoot me some links to these amps that I can buy online?
  10. ok so i think i should just stick with the kicker zx1500.1 cause thats stable at 2ohms or if you guys can shoot me to a good amp thats stable at 2ohms that be cool
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