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  1. I have two kicker dual voice 12's that are 400 rms 800 max each they are wired down to one ohm here is what my box looks like with the subs http://imgur.com/5P7b0
  2. the ZRX1500.1 says it does 1500 rms at 1 ohm how accurate is this or should i get a different amp with a lower rms
  3. so is it worth buying or should i go with something different I've heard that Hifonics does close to their power rating i have my subs down to one ohm and they can handle 1600 total max what should i go with?
  4. I'm looking to buy a Hifonics Zeus ZRX1500.1d. What are the pros and cons to this amp?
  5. Yeah my solder job wasn't much better than wat was on it first, it's just a blob of it on the back.
  6. Just an update, I got the ground fixed and now it works thanks for the help guys
  7. Yeah I can't find anywhere online that even has a pic of the older 4 channel Majestics....how rare is it or is it rare?
  8. ok but how exactly do should I do it? edit: ok should the solder be in line with the silver like it is now? or does it matter?
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