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  1. At the moment I'm looking at a pair of Sundown U-12s for my next build and it's nice to see that they posted some DAAS32 measurements. I'm currently designing a series 6th-order and would like to have the best grasp of the driver in terms of TS parameters. Specifically, I design all BP6-series enclosures in Hornresp and I like to work out semi-inductance parameters from the impedance curve but there are some inconsistencies in this trace along with T-S parameters. This is quite critical to know this the most accurately as the impact on a BP6S is unforgiving relative to a simple ref
  2. I was wondering if you guys could give me some ideas on what I could do to get more bass into the cabin. The equipment I'm using is quite humble. -Alpine MRD-605 amplifier (600W RMS @ 2ohms, 900W peak) -Alpine SWR-1043d (dual 4ohm coils, wired down to 2ohms) -The enclosure is 1CF net with 11" of port, tuned to 36Hz as per Alpine's spec I live in Japan and the vehicle is in question is a 1997 Toyota Chaser (think of a turbocharged RWD Camry ) Photo of the my vehicle below: With many Toyota's of that era the gasoline tank was behind the rear seats separated by a double wall of sheetmeta
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