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  1. This was made in 1998 and is one of a few natual body p basses made, they havnt been made since then so it is a rare find
  2. I have a very nice and well taken care of american pbass, was bought new 10 years ago by a dads friend that ran a music depeartment at a large church after he was diognosed with cancer, i received it around 6 years ago and it has mostly been it the case where as i wanted to make sure it walways stayed as nice as i got it Its not takin up space, i have to many instruments and dont need this one.. Come with locking hardshell fender case 900 plus shipping obo Will get pics tomarrow morning, im at work until then Only trades would be for a dc3.5k and cash or a dc5k , bc5500 or similar Only pic i have right the second, but you Can see i have to many, but the bass is the one on the left rack beside the blue bass
  3. The more bass the more destruction it leaves in its path, but with your said setup plans you shouldnt have any issues that are hard or expensive to fix...
  4. Dude, be respecful of the equipment bein used, keep an eye and things and run at .5 /thread P.S. If your mangina hurts at the thought, you can simply sell the saz and grab two 1500w amps and strap them together, after rise you would be closer to the 2k mark than the 3k mark.. Jus sayin
  5. I own a 99 full size ext cab too, awesome trucks, thonyour sits to tall for my taste lmao Lookin good get that box done
  6. My current box is 28x58x20 and is 11 cubes after displacment and the top is tripple baffled right above window line, seats reclined comfortably, i have plenty of room to mount my batt under the box, but it fits in front of the box in the floor.. U could do 58 wide 28 tall but have it 20 up top depth and 26 at bottom and angle the baffle and gain more room.. Id say that would yeild 14 cubes give of take, or build a frame and do a wall.. Ive taken some measurments and i figure up over 20 cubes before displacment easy... It can be done, do not let anyone tell you otherwise
  7. Under the window line there is about 13 cubes gross you can sqeeze, wall u can get 20+ so there is room
  8. Yes for one I want to be able to smell the coils.. I would hate for them to go up in smoke.. And I have a small understanding of 4th orders, I've read a ton but have only built two.. I've always read smaller sealer side helps control the subs excursion more thus it being only 2 cubes per driver an they are recommended for 2.75.. The larger ported side has always been told as better.. The more the better.. I'm not going off a strict 2:1 ratio I went off what I tonight was best sealed and the most ported I could squeeze out... So yea I'm in dire need Of some expert advise.. Or design.. I don't wanna waste 400 bucks building glassing and installing a box that is destened for failure...
  9. Okay so I did some revamping, ported section is a little over 18 cubes sealed sections are 4.04 each (All after displacements) just shy of 20 sq in or port per cube Tuned at 50.xx hz Around 3-4 inches between motor where as they will be inverted into the ported section. Will be 4 dc level 4 15s one 3.5 until I have the charging to add a second. Will those subs like the alotted specs? Or should I do some changes again? I was planning on building this over this weekend but due to changes in design I've had to wait.. No BS comments.. If youve never done a BP or your audio handicapped keep your opinion to yourself Thanks have a nice day If needed I can send my sketchup file when I get off work for someone to really check it out and see what they can do... Or if someone is willing to redesign it alltogether Feel free to PM me
  10. Same here All the shops in town have installers that couldnt build a 150+ daily with a nuclear power plant hooked to it /:
  11. I used Torres along with pencil and paper to calculate it.. Spec are in first post.... And I guess I'm gonna modify it a little to give more room between the motors.. Yea come listen to it when it's done.. Won't be running all my equipment till summer tho.. Buying stuff as my bank account let's me haha
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