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  1. first time doing some fiberglass work and i need some tips on cutting good mdf rings for my 6.5's thats going in the rear panels..i got the 6.5 circles cut and i dont have a plunge router but i do have a dremel tool the 4000. any help will be appreciated. thanx
  2. I got some test tones n a couple bass cd's but no o-scope or anything like that..this is just an Update vid
  3. just an update on the donk still got to install the HO alt and another battery and finish tuning amp
  4. just ordered my last sets of mids and the mb quart onx4125
  5. yea yea i know BOUT TIME YOU DID THIS... anyway doing a lot of upgrades so far just got some of the mids still waiting on new amps, box, fiberglass work, batteries, and h/o alt bout to be a lot of work.
  6. the electrical is being upgraded no doubt about that. notice no subs are wired or playin in the vid i do know better than that. i only hooked up everything to amps n headunit on for the vid, even though the electrical should have been purchased first he wanted to go ahead and by everything else. This is not a daily driver, car wont see the streets until new paint eletrical is done and a big 3. dont be so quick to judge
  7. im not coming off like im the best installer, just posting vids of some projects im doing. and u seem to be the only person on 4 forums who always has something negative to say.(cant win them all).lol thats funny.but really though thanx for the criticism, even if i do have noob skills the more builds i do the better i get maybe you forgot that. Also i have somebody else build boxes because i want my team to eat as well as myself plus i dont have time for it. keep the hate to yourself
  8. ill post those hair tricks soon...this blazer got down all day..u think it didnt get 1st than you trip..lol
  9. yea i told the guy who built it i need some work done to the box...i gotta get it out there to him
  10. well shoot...didnt notice that..hopefully its just the camera but i got them wired down to a 1ohm load pos of left sub n neg off right sub going to amp...should i just combine a pos and neg from each sub going to the amp in the same channel?
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