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  1. Word !! I gotta check it out one day bro ! You live like 5 mins alway haha
  2. A cheap wood rack . Could be like 20 bux. Seen ppl use ratchet straps or Velcro ...
  3. Also seen a couple of very skillfull people not getting paid enough, they just don't have the language down . Ontopic. Sold the CBR 600RR. N got a Daytona 675 Impala back there ready for next build later on this year
  4. sold the CBR600rr and was thinking about a system.. but damn i miss riding already. gonna get a new bike than 2 small 15s in the trunk later .

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    2. mgameforever01


      triumph is awesome, lots of power, great ride, down side parts are not so cheap, but worth it when you drive around and you don't see thousand others just like yours haha

    3. Miguels


      you want a cruiser or super sport bike?

    4. mgameforever01


      only thing the Daytona will be little less comfortable then the triple though

  5. That's the E.T.A for the subs ? So the pre order should start a month before Jan in a few days ?
  6. Good thing you found it early before some real damage! Now grind down the basket paint if it hasn't already and put down some strong glue !
  7. I've seen 4th orders rip out cones with no problem ... Could be on both parts
  8. Imma make a wall socket vid when they sell . Figure if imma sell them that cheap n they didnt sell, than ill just sell them cheaper as motors n baskets..
  9. 1. Product: Shocker signature big gap motors (rarely see this monsters forsale!!) with 12" Candy Blue Ti Baskets. 2. Specs: Fit almost any 3" coil can build them to take up to 7k+ daily on the pair. 3. Description/Condition: Good, Used. (should be one of the biggest, if not the biggest 3" coil ferrite magnet out there !!!) 4. Price: : 720 OBO pick up for the pair sigs + baskets L.A near USC 5. Pictures:
  10. finally pulled the trigger after 2 years of wanting one ! 06 CBR 600rr with only 3700 miles !! now to learn how to ride it LOL

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    2. mgameforever01


      You will learn a lot from the msf course ive took them all many times, but i ride 12, Triumph Daytona 675 sportbike.

    3. TRTC360


      that's a whole lot of bike for a beginner, be careful with it.

    4. revoracing247


      ugh you have the bike of my dreams. right now i have a 92 crb600 f2.

  11. If you have the funds to add a battery(agm) in the back, I would do that . If not then you should be fine, just watch your voltage and charge your battery.
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