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  1. Word !! I gotta check it out one day bro ! You live like 5 mins alway haha
  2. A cheap wood rack . Could be like 20 bux. Seen ppl use ratchet straps or Velcro ...
  3. Gotta look at lumber yards no retail . Google some give them a call and check and compare prices . They should also have some pretty thick Baltic birch GL
  4. "resistance has done left the building. " I lol'ed !! This is great and efficient if you're changing amps all the time !! Good stuff !! But would make more sense if copper wire went into copper inputs instead of aluminum . If there's no difference in that, then CCA wire shouldn't be that much of a difference then OFC wire ? Different topic I suppose . But good idea
  5. I think it was a 3.5k or a 2200 at 0.5 . It was a while ago I need to find the thread
  6. Yeah the one with 3 12s also use the spare tire space, fiberglass it . Inverted subs. And another one had 3 12s in a 4th. 10" aero I firing into cabin . But there's a build here I think, impala trunk with audioque 18" firing into cabin 12" aero.. Couldn't find the log but here's a vid I found
  7. Nice , waiting to see some hairtrick vids And for the ppl saying it won't fit, it will . I seen successful single 18s and 2 15s in 2000-05' impala trunks . Even 3 12s . But I believe 2 12s still has been the loudest .
  8. Well yeah that should solve it. But if ur going to keep it pick up a spray that prevents corrosion, autozone/homedepot. Clean it up n spray it on .
  9. __d_a_v_i_d__

    C5 1700

    ^im a witness! That amp is a damn beast I still want one !!
  10. What if I had a prefab box doing hairtricks ... And did a 148.2 sealed on dash ... AT 30hz ... Trunk set up 2 12s.. . But yeah building your own FTW
  11. Also seen a couple of very skillfull people not getting paid enough, they just don't have the language down . Ontopic. Sold the CBR 600RR. N got a Daytona 675 Impala back there ready for next build later on this year
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