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    I have many interests such as audio and custom car and trucks ect. i do a lot of metal fab work such as custom roll cages and off road suspention. so all in all I love anything custom.
  1. Are These Welds Good?

    Look atleast someone knows to weld. I need to get some of my pics up but idk how to with my moblie.
  2. Are These Welds Good?

    These are the only decent welds here! I have beem welding for about 4 years and the other welds are not good. The welds in the OP look like some chewed up gum.
  3. This guys got it!!!!! Now if it just had some big heads and a fuel injected blower and a good set of valves. Also some centerline rims and some big slicks on the back. Sexy!!!!!
  4. Do work this hella funny!!! I like my women like i like my truck, fast and sexy! I like my women like i like my quads, ridin hard and put away dirty.p I like my women like i like my days, short and easy. I like my women like i like my teachers, loud and strick;)
  5. Decaf Question

    you cant see it because you dont have access to it. Yes i know that now i can read the other posts. I said its no big deal im here to learn. Not to complain about shit and not to try to get free music and not to fight with ppl. Just want a bad ass system and the know how to put it in. So i take it your one of the ppl that work this site?
  6. Decaf Question

    I was wondering why i could never find the 18+ sec i just wanted to see what was there but its not important. Idc about the downloads i just came here to learn so when i spend the money on a system it doesnt get messed up from mistakes cause i had a lack of info. I thank everyone who makes this site work and stay up its very helpful!
  7. One more question. Most bad clipping comes from ppl boosting there own songs right? So if i just lisen to the song that has good bass with out it being boosted it should be better??? Also there are ppl that put out music that is clipped bad like gucci so i need to watch for that right. I under stand the o-scooe thing now thanks so much decaf!!!
  8. Yes thanks so much and sorry for the bother its a lot of info and im takeing it all in at once.
  9. Ok im new in all of this so im sorry for thr repeat of questions. Cds are normaly clipped less than music from youtube correct?
  10. I have lisened to there earbuds and they sounded good but i have never used a lot of expensive earbuds so i cant compare. I wouldnt pay that much for a pair tho, thats dumb i could put that money towards my truck speakers instead of earbuds.
  11. I would put money on it being to small of an alt! The amp is under power and drawing to many amps and your one batt can hold the power and the alt cant charge it good so its causeing it to heat up real fast.
  12. On mobile also can someone tell.me mine. I havent ever even been on this site on a computer so idk what it looks like there.
  13. Ok my vote is dodge all the way. The hemi are sick but the cummins is a pure beast. Cummins notting fancy just the only engine that should be in a truck.