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  1. sorry if the title miss led anyone I should be just saving mine to get a nice truck.
  2. Im trying to figure out which thing I should buy when I get my taxes. I just need ideas. so post what your buying.
  3. Fast payment, will do business again.
  4. well i tested 4 of em tonight im guessing 144+ at 2 ohms on the ab amp pix, i should be able to test all 4 tomorrow.. boxes in the truck other side still getting cut out
  5. well havnt done much but i will be bringing the truck to sbn, i will be trailering it though. but none the less itl be fun lil update: leaving boxes out until i get subs, in the meantime im filling all viewable holes and sealing the hell out of the box. tools lol holes filled
  6. but anyway about sbn, i already have hotel reservations and i am going to be trailering the truck to sbn, not enough time/money to make it legal/safe right now..
  7. i know, it was not directed at you. this type of thing.. "What made you decide to go with these? I know a kid who had two of these (12") in his taurus and he was only at like 132.xx you may want to shop around some more."
  8. Thanks^ but anyway i like to ignore the negative comments but i have a budget and these were the subs of my choice.. either way it will be loud and thats the whole point, and that is why i have speakers on the outside... at shows i want to gain as much attention as possible, good or bad. but for daily no they can be turned completely off and they have ther own eq so it aslo has a volume knob
  9. boo ya 8 12's in a diamond! btw that box was drawn up, cut and put together in 4 hours lol
  10. temp. sub amp mounted half of the sub box... got a lil messup if you can tell by the pix but it will be fixed tomorrow
  11. lol none yet, those pix are just a test fit, im sure il forget when i finally install when i get my wires in.
  12. mounting brackets for amprack aluminum distro's tapped and mounted left barrier strips right barrier strips gettin there these are test fits btw eh
  13. thanks, neither does mine lol i do ALL the fiberglass work and most of it iv learned from trial and error and the web the rest was taught by pops
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