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  1. I think yall are right about it clipping. Dust cap is a lil hot but don't know how to fix it.
  2. So how do i fix clipping?
  3. Like if its not good or coming loose?
  4. What can i ddo if my amp is getting rreal hot. I have a jl 1000/1 pushing a 1300 rms 15. It is getting way hot. Wont that ruin it?
  5. Haha yeah I'm gonna get a better one. That one was just a cheap china mmade one. Lol
  6. Ok well I used the dmm and found out a wire came loose at a fuse and was running straight battery. Thanks for the help guys. Its goin like a champ now and both sit at 12.8 while bumping at loudest.
  7. Well in front I have a volt meter that plugs into my cigarette lighter and back all I have is the readout on the ccap.
  8. What if I checked tto see about dual alternators and just have 2 factory 80 amp.? Seems cheaper than a h.o. that I found that was 400
  9. So i guess everyone agrees the cap is trash. I just like to know the volts that the amp is running. How else to do this?
  10. No I didn't charge the back b 4 install cause i was told i didn't need tto on a yellow top. Could I just get a charger and throw it on for a lil bit? Its a 2001 Camry and factory alt is 80 amp.
  11. My front battery is sitting at 13.7 while bumping and 14.2 normal. I ran 0 gauge pos/negative from front to back with double fused on power near each battery.
  12. So I just put in my 2nd yellow top in my trunk and the volts are staying at 11.3 and when bumping drops to 9.5. I haven't done the big 3 yet but will within a week. Will that help? Or is the only thing I can do is get a h.o. alt.? I have the back bat running 0 gauge to my cap then 4 out of cap to amp.
  13. Coil man. I appreciate it. U wouldn't happen to know about how to bypass the parking switch on a pioneer 4300 DVD do u? Will i need to but the bypass or could I just ground it out?
  14. Well i was kinda thinking I could remove the old one and put the other one there or just under my passenger seat. And wont it b kinda hard tto run new power and ground thru firewall and across the engine?
  15. 1000 on door speakers? I was just looking at a jl 400 by 4. Cause i have the jl 1000/1
  16. Well i found it. Its under the glove box but haven't got to look at it yet. So I will need 4 or 0 gauge for a 400 w amp?
  17. I want to get a amp and install my 2 type rs and 2 type s but not sure how hard it will b to hook it all up. Am u gonna have to rerun all wires or could I just bypass old jbl amp that came in car to the new one.
  18. Well I get a real cheap price on them. ($50) and seeing as the ho aalt i looked at wwas $500 I figured this might help. The only problem I have now is lights dimming so i was gonna do 2 yellows and bbig 3 in the next week.
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