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  1. Hey Steve. I plan on buying a dd-1 online today. Is it possible to get it signed? Also i say a youtube video and how could i set up a pioneer avh 4300 to know where it destorts at?
  2. The jl. They are badass and are 1000 at 1,2,4 ohms. Very reliable. I've had mine for over a year and I bought it used.
  3. Also just what they told me hen they rebuilt it. Any way to check actual rms or is that a guess?
  4. OK so after hearing the quieter remark now I wanna just get these P.S.I. 12s. They are 2500 rms and not sure about amp wise. One big or one for each. Brand and model?
  5. Lmafo. Yep Washington. That's a slang word I like to use. LOL. And u said quiter. That's kind of disappointing. So bottom line is sub can't handle amp and too much clipping. And here I was wanting to go louder.
  6. And u make a good point sir. They told e it was burnt from bad signal. Bit I knew it Washington clipping but didn't know how bad.
  7. See and I thought it was torn or ripped but didn't know how just 1 out of 4 whoilr have Ben. I can post a pic but don't know how.
  8. See and I thought it was torn or ripped but didn't know how just 1 out of 4 whoilr have Ben. I can post a pic but don't know how.
  9. OK so what jl 500/1 or what? Bigger sub. I want some blown DC lvl 5s to get rebuilt. Now until mine is rebuilt I'm stuck with a earthquake 10 that I'm sure will be fried after 5 min on that amp.
  10. Well that's what I was told. The lead had shitty signal to it and burnt it. I'm positive it was clipping but can't find n e one that knows shit enough yo help me adjust and no dd1 or o scope. Used dmm to set amp but need help with settings. Was just told i need a bigger amp to push it. And personally I love the amp I have. Maybe strap another on?
  11. Ok so I currently have a jl 1000/1 pushing a psi 1200rms 15. I burnt a leadwire and told due to shitty signal and not enough power. Now I'm looking at a hifonics Brutus or a audiopipe 1500d. Any suggestions or different amp to get?
  12. Go to FixMySpeaker.com. they will rebuild or redone and they do great. I had a jl 12w7 rebuilt by them and it is badass.
  13. So should I throw a battery charger on both Batts?
  14. Would the big 3 raised my voltage that much?
  15. Would the big 3 raised my voltage that much?
  16. I have pos and negative both connected to each other. Am I losing power with long ground?
  17. Ok so right now this is my set up. Jl 1000/1 mono with psi 1200 rms 15. Pioneer avh 4300 dvd. The stock alt is 80 amps and I have 0 gauge from front yellow top to one in rear. Then 0 gauge to cap and then 4 to amp. Haven't done big 3 yet but could it make a big difference. I'm looking at a hifonics brutus amp after my sub is rebuilt.
  18. So I burnt a leadwire and the guys at psi told me to make sure volts are staying high enough. They aren't. They sit at 11.2 to 12.2 while bumping hard. I want to sell my car in a few monts but want to bump till then. I have 2 yellow tops. Could I add a xs in trunk also or is the only way is to get a bigger alt?
  19. Looking for blown lvl 5s
  20. Sanded down with 3 screws to Tue body by back seat.
  21. Well i got my amp set with a ddm. Do u think wiring it to 4 instead of 2 could b louder/better.
  22. So bass boost dodown and gain up?
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