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  1. What's going on everyone. Ive got a very small build going on for my daily truck with a small box that will sit right behind the console of my 06 tundra. Since it has to sit over the drive shaft hump the outer most pieces have to be extra long to compensate for the space taken by the hump. If anyone has any suggestions for box programs for MAC i can do this on my own I think but help is always appreciated. I will try to attach a picture of a rough estimate of what the box will look like when completed in sketchup. The subs face down that way if someone sits in the rear on either side of the box they cant accidentally kick the sub or touch it really in any way. Also I'm not sure about port to the side, as shown in sketchup, or port down with the subs. Subs are sundown audio SA6.5's. recommended enclosure of .25 - .35 cuft per sub. power will be approximately 500 watts to the pair. Max dimensions for the whole box are Height: 13.25" (give or take a quarter inch) keep in mind that this is including the legs that hold the box up over the driveshaft hump and the hump at the tallest point is 2 3/8" tall width:19.5" depth:8.25" (maybe 8.5 but it would be a squeeze) if any other info is needed please feel free to ask. Greg.
  2. Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. I have a very small build going on in my daily truck and have very limited space for amps and was wondering if anyone had any information on the SAM amps? I saw the the SAM500D was available for preorder on some sites but i haven't seen much about the 4 channel. I have an sae 50.4 but just dont have the space to put it comfortably. Thanks, Greg
  3. Totally didn't think of that. Oh well! Can't hurt anything! Haha
  4. Snap! Totally missed that one! Thanks! That works perfect!!
  5. Alright so I know how this usually goes, "if you have to ask don't do it" but I have a fused distribution block from sky high (1/0 to dual 4 gauge) and I have my two amps ( saz1200d and sae 50.4) I have a fuse for my 1200d but the lowest I can find in ANL around me, and from distributors I trust, is a 60 amp but the sae 50.4 recommends a 50 amp fuse. Would it be okay to run a 60 amp even though that's 10 amps higher than what the amp is supposed to have? If it's not I'm sure I'll just have to either find a fuse block that does MANL fuses or run two seperate fuse blocks. Thanks! Greg
  6. Awesome! Thanks for the responses everyone! I got plenty of speaker wire so I just have to decide to put them with my amp rack or hidden in the dash, which is where they are now but they are very sloppily placed haha.
  7. Alright, so I got a questions about passive crossovers. Should I mount my passive crossovers near my amp and have a long run to the speakers or should it be the opposite and have the crossover near the speakers (as close as I can anyways)? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the input! I found my issue which was a little bit of my fault and manufacturers defect. So the terminals colored red for positive and black for negative were placed backwards on the basket on one coil and the black was on positive and the red was on negative. So when I wired it up, one could was trying to move on way while the other was trying to move the other way
  9. Alright so I've had my amp (saz-1200D) for about 2 years now and I recently sold my old subs to a friend to help pay for my new subs. I just got one of my new subs (SA-12 D4) in the mail. So I take it out the box set it in the truck and wire it up in parallel, positive to positive and negative to negative and check it with a cheap handheld meter and got almost exactly 2 ohms. When I went to play music I had almost zero output. I thought there was no output until I went in and changed my sub level to max just to see if it would move and it just barely vibrates. What's weird though ia that my SMD OM-1 shows everything is nor.al output wise at the volume level I nor.ally listen at. Nothing has been changed since the last subs were in place. Any suggestions on where to start? Thanks!!
  10. Thanks man! I think I understand about the orientation of the router. You want the bit to be cutting along the plys, and not across them, so the bit isnt pulling the plys apart as its cutting.
  11. Alright guys. Bout to start building a box and I'm using birch for the first time. And was wondering what to look for when going to buy the sheets. Obviously to look for voids on the two faces and along the edges but other than that what is the difference in 5 or 11 or 13 ply? Another question is there any difference in working with these as far as routing the edges go? Has anyone had the layers separate during routing such as when using a round over or chamfer? I just want to make a great box and want to try and prevent issues if possible! Thanks!
  12. Sweet! And yeah I've had that experience with a box my friend built. I think I will do a chamfer all around the top baffle to make it a little easier...I hope. Thanks for all the help!
  13. Thanks JoeX! I have one question. What would be the effects of adding a second baffle to create a flush mount? I would think it wouldn't effect anything as the sub would still be mounted on the same baffle either way.
  14. Hey guys, finally saved up a little to get some new subs and I have have decided on 2 SA 12's. Now my problem is that I need to build a box and I have a macbook pro and to my knowledge the most reputable enclosure programs are made for Windows and not Mac. If anyone has any suggestions on what to use it would be greatly appreciated. That being said, if anyone is bored and wants to design a box I will also list, hopefully, all the info needed. The vehicle will be a 98 blazer, Max dimensions available 37" wide 17" height 25" deep (still leaves plenty of room between the box and back hatch) Amp is an SAZ-1200d I like to listen to alot of rock music but love playing demo songs to get loud and sound good too. I'm thinking tuning in the mid to low 30's I would like to use all the available width to fit nicely between the wheel wells. Also another side note is I would prefer subs up port back with a single slot in the middle but I am not opposed to aero ports if that would work better (I dont have much experience with aeros) Thanks everyone/anyone who contributes!
  15. Well I thought I was good to go but now I'm not sure about the fusible link thing. How would you ever tell where it is if it looks like the wire?
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