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  1. The Punch Power PWR-815 Looken to get these back in action with a recone
  2. i Im looking to get my 2 old school Rockfords recorded in need all new parts any ideas?
  3. Running a DB drive platinum series Pd1200.1 not sure of the setting truck is getting work done at this moment
  4. ya i have learned my lesson on this one thats for sure.. no bass boosted songs an learn how to set gains the right way
  5. They smelled when I first put them in months ago. So thought extra glue. They would get worm never really hot.
  6. http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll198/pimpolligist16/8c2ffd01.jpg burnt.
  7. ya i am working to get it all resolved with kevin. ill take it to a audio shop an see what they find out
  8. The meter starts at 1 when nothing is on it.
  9. it was set at 2000 OHM reading for that pic
  10. the tinsels are off the coils im pretty sure
  11. i used the same voltage for my other subs an they read just fine..
  12. its a D2 with another set of leads on the other side as well. Both read the same..Nothing at all
  13. 3.5 for a single 12? I hope that is before displacements yes before displacement