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  1. Well I looked a little today & found a few offers that im interested in. Alot of dealers are trying to get rid of the 08 models to make room for the 09 models. Best I've found so far is: For a brand new 2008 Expedition eddie bauer $520/monthly $0 down (buy). What do you guys think of that?
  2. Lol thanks but nahh.. Those car's just aren't for me. I like full size suvs.
  3. I'm going to go next week to some dealers & see what they got and what offers they give me.
  4. Yeah, I plan on basically using one of the 2 paychecks I get each month to pay my expenses. Car payment, gas, insurance, cell phone, & other small items. Pretty much I get two $1,100 checks (after tax) each month. I'll put 1 in the bank & the other to pay every thing. Droop89, I'm willing to buy used as long as it's in "like new condition" with 10K miles or less.
  5. What's up guys... As some of you may know, I've been out of the car audio game for a while. I've been busy working & stuff and I'm about to start the police academy Jan 5th. I need to get a new car before Christmas. I was going to get a g37 sedan since it has a good amount of power, not too expensive, it's a good over-all car. I have to drive about 45miles (in total) from my house to the academy every day (m-f). My local dealer is offering $3k down & $350/monthly lease. However I've been wanting to get back into car audio for a while now. I really wanted an expedition or tahoe, not sure what to do though... I'll be making $17/hr while im in the academy & $22/hr as soon as I graduate (aug 09). If I got a SUV or car that I'm really going to customize, I obviously wanted to buy it (which is going to cost more monthly). Only problem with getting an SUV is I guess the gas (my family has had 2 expos before so we know how they are on gas). Like I said I'll be driving about 45miles daily mon-fri until I graduate. Once I graduate my station is 3miles away from my house. After a year of service they give me a take home car, so the gas issue will really only be a problem for about 2 years, not even, basically till I graduate since my station is close by. On top of all of this... I want to buy a house within 6 years from now. With that being said.. What do you guys suggest? Lease a sedan or buy an suv?
  6. Thanks, I'm going to look into them. Any of you have any of these? How does it work?
  7. I have a savings account with Bank of America & it doesn't build up... Atleast not yet, I've had it for more than half a year now.
  8. I have no idea what it is... So I was wondering if some of you know what I'm talking about but here it goes.. I was wondering what kind of account I can open with a bank that builds up my money... Ex: They take like $200 out of every pay check automatically and it builds with the bank's interest??? Any one have a clue what I'm talking about?
  9. Any one know of a good forum like this one but for racing & that kind of stuff?? Looking to learn a little about engine mods and that sort of stuff.
  10. Like the title says.. If you had a G35 sedan.. what Mods would you do to it to make it really move?? Turbo, exhaust, etc... Really curious to see what every one here comes up with... I rather ask on a forum that people know what they are talking about than locally. I don't know that much about racing mods... so if you want to teach me or give me some suggestions hints etc go ahead. I'm always willing to learn something new!
  11. My friend is selling his rims so he can buy some new rims for his new car. These were on his Dodge Charger. I can get you guys additional pics. Any questions feel free to ask http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...em=190242894865
  12. Nah I just happen to go eat lunch across the street from a Chevy dealer and decided to take a look.. Thats what he offered me right off the table. I'm waiting to see what Infiniti has to offer for the G35 first.
  13. Happen to pass by a Chevy dealer today.. They offered me $5K down payment, 36month lease, 12k Miles a year, $570/monthly + tax.
  14. I had 35% on my windshield for 2years on the expedition... Loved it during the day, hated it at night! When I would drive through rodes with no street lights and I was the only car I couldn't stand it. I don't plan on ever tinting my front ever again, I don't recommend it only if you drive during the day only. Even with 35% on the front I got stopped for it like crazy.
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