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  1. Lol yeah I think i know which game your talking about...They've had alot of good games against each other
  2. Die Hard Miami Dolphins fan!! I don't care if we suck or we're good...Dolphin fan till I die!! LOL Fuck the Jets & Pats!!
  3. Fact: Bonds is good at what he does. Now onto the bullshit of Bonds...He's a fucking dick head to any fans if they aren't from SF...I don't know any other guy that turns down 5 year old kids for autographs and shit but Bonds...He's always fighting with the media...Not much of a guy I would want my kids to look up to. Steroids issue " I never took steroids knowingly"...Meaning he did take them, he just didn't know. Sucks that you don't know now a days whose playing fair and isn't...To me Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, Jiambi, Sheffield, Canseco (might have mispelled some names) are all a piece of shit...Can't wait for Bonds to call it quits already... Honestly I didn't want to see the record broken. I guess Hank was being a dick about the whole thing not wanting to show up and shit because it aint fair to him...He played thru a time where blacks weren't allowed into stadiums...Just about every white person was racist...Yet he went out and set the all time home run record... To have it broken now by some asshole guy that everybody accuses of steroids (and he pretty much admitted to)...It's not fair to Hank, put yourself in his position...Shit I even remember when Barry Bonds and former team mate Jeff Kent got into a fight in the dug out! WTF kind of leader is that?! I personally hate Barry Bonds, to me the all time HR King is Hank until A-Rod comes around or the next to break it.
  4. True...just wanted to get a good idea of how strong that mat is compared to others.
  5. Steve... Do you think it is possible to build a box for let's say two 18" Btls by just fiberglassing the inside with that same mat you used? Meaning I wouldn't use any 2x4s or steel rods, just fiberglass so I have more airspace to work with or would that be pushing it?
  6. Lol I'd expect Chicken to get in since he has a pretty loud system himself in all his rides...Loudest right now is in the ext...While the escalade is under construction that is :whistling:
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