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  1. Lol yeah I think i know which game your talking about...They've had alot of good games against each other
  2. He gave me some deals that were way toooo cheap...26" Giovana Cenelli's with tires for $4,500.00 shipped.
  3. Die Hard Miami Dolphins fan!! I don't care if we suck or we're good...Dolphin fan till I die!! LOL Fuck the Jets & Pats!!
  4. Fact: Bonds is good at what he does. Now onto the bullshit of Bonds...He's a fucking dick head to any fans if they aren't from SF...I don't know any other guy that turns down 5 year old kids for autographs and shit but Bonds...He's always fighting with the media...Not much of a guy I would want my kids to look up to. Steroids issue " I never took steroids knowingly"...Meaning he did take them, he just didn't know. Sucks that you don't know now a days whose playing fair and isn't...To me Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, Jiambi, Sheffield, Canseco (might have mispelled some names) are all a piece of shit...Can't wait for Bonds to call it quits already... Honestly I didn't want to see the record broken. I guess Hank was being a dick about the whole thing not wanting to show up and shit because it aint fair to him...He played thru a time where blacks weren't allowed into stadiums...Just about every white person was racist...Yet he went out and set the all time home run record... To have it broken now by some asshole guy that everybody accuses of steroids (and he pretty much admitted to)...It's not fair to Hank, put yourself in his position...Shit I even remember when Barry Bonds and former team mate Jeff Kent got into a fight in the dug out! WTF kind of leader is that?! I personally hate Barry Bonds, to me the all time HR King is Hank until A-Rod comes around or the next to break it.
  5. What website are you talking about?? He has no website...He just compares his prices from superbuytires.com they have nothing to do with him.
  6. Why did you send him any thing (3 weeks ago)? This thread was already blown up saying how he's shady and shit
  7. Thank you to whoever stickied this thread...I was tired of bumping it back to the top or waiting for some one to..Now every one stays ontop of this shit
  8. x2...So your saying because Steve has a daily driver that sits 5 people, with four 18"s behind it, everybody can do it? NO. Thats what makes Steves tahoe special...Also don't expect the BTLs to handle 4kw daily...Everybody thinks cause Steve pulls it off they can do it and when their's blow they're like wtf...
  9. x2...The guy doesn't even write back to the threads or nothing...I think everybody should have any deaf squad bullshit they have in their sigs removed...I don't think SMD should support scammers (not that they do)...I don't know if they have him labeled as scammer yet, but shit I do...I'm glad I didn't have the money at the time, now I do Goodluck Ray...I had to deal with a similiar situation about 2 years ago when I bought a set of 24"s from "wholesalerims"
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