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  1. Thanks for the reply, and I m not sure about the tuning ,What is the normal tuning for 18 s? I m not worried about what it does on the meter ,Its just a ride around system just would like for it to move alot of air
  2. Hey I finally got started on box ran into a problem with the 49 inches it would not fit with factory plastic pieces in back had to trim to 48 inch will that change tune of box ?
  3. Thanks for the info. I ll start on it tomorrow. Do you by chance know what that box is tuned to?
  4. 48 inches between wheel wells 40 inches from back seat to rear door 24 inches tall I don't really what it much taller than that
  5. Thanks wasteland audio and it's 2 subs , would you recommend a slot port in the center firing back or a slot port along bottom edge firing back and do you design boxes if so how much do you charge
  6. I have 2 DC level 4 18 going into a Tahoe in a ported box, I have plenty of room but my question is how should box be designed and what's louder firing subs back and port back towards rear hatch or firing subs up and port up towards roof or subs up and port toward rear hatch
  7. Been looking at super tweeters trying to find opinions of best ones for the money , I had been looking at crescendo or skar but anything around the same price would be ok. Opinions????
  8. I tried to upload pictures of old system no luck not sure if its computer or what , but what would you recommend in a single box for all 6 subs
  9. OG set up was done that way for fitment the sides are shorter in height than the center of rear barn doors and it was 3 total sealed boxes so sealing was not an issue but I m open to any ideals and I ll post pictures later of old set up
  10. I m in search of info on a box design for 2 sa 15 with a slot port in the center with the dimensions of 16" W 35" H up to 36" D it will be 3 boxes side by side in back of a suburban behind second row seats (c pillar wall) I have 6 DVC SA 15s and 3 RF1500 amps, looking for a loud street set up don't care about meter but would like to be able to do hair tricks, not sure if its possible with my combo of power, subs and placement of box in suburban. Any help or input would be great THANKS IN ADVANCE OOO ------ OOO
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