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  1. The box I'm working on is going in a ford ranger in the exteded cab portion of the truck. I'm hoping to get some fun hair tricks with the two of them...you guys think that they would do that
  2. So do you think I should shrink the port size down some or leave it alone? I mean the mayhems move a ton of air and are bad ass subwoofers! Im more looking along the lines of doing some sweet hair tricks with it just tryin to get a box that sounds good for daily and that will move air for fun like hair tricks and what not
  3. I've never ran any crescendo amps before but I've heard nothing but good about them so i figured ide give one a try
  4. ill be running a cresendo bc5500 on them....what do you think would be a good amount of port area then?
  5. ive got a box figured for two aa mayhem 15's they call for 3-5 cub feet each i have a design for a box thats like 8.1 cub feet with right around 183 inches of port wich will end up tuning wise around 35.x hz do you guys think that that enough roof for the two aa mayhem 15's and will it sound good for music being tuned at 35hz?
  6. Would you put them in seperate chambers and do two 6inch areo ports in the center with like a baffle between them or just a baffle design box and one big port in the center?
  7. ill get more numbers up tonight when i have a chance to measure everything out right but i know i got 22 inches deep and right around 24 inches tall width im not sure on will update tonight when i get home
  8. ok so im working with a 1996 ford ranger extedned can i have about 22" deep to play with and i dont want to go much higher then the back window with the enclosure if possiable could i place one behind each seat and place the port for the box in the center? so the air will be moved around the arm rest? would that work for the volume they need?
  9. Sweet now I'm just hoping everything will fit the way I want it to And go from there
  10. Those look way different then the ones I found may have to take a look for the model like that one. It looks like it could actually handle the 2500 watts rms
  11. I'm looking to run 2 aa mayhem 15 d1 voice coil on a crescendo Bc5500 which well actualy put out about 5800 watts do you think that would be safe for daily use? Will be tuned with dd-1 In box tuned to right around 35 hz
  12. You have any pics you can put up? IDE like to see the new model if it's different from the ones im looking at
  13. What do you guy think of the ma audio hard kore dual 2 ohm subs? You think they could really hold up to the 2000w rms? They look pretty well built but I'm not an expert by no means just wondering on peeps thoughts thanks Specs: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_4115_MA-Audio-HK15X2.html http://www.sonicelectronix.com/pictures_new.php?id=4115&picture_id=-1
  14. Not mine! Found on eBay http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=180852137492&index=20&nav=SEARCH&nid=77459404954
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