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  1. threw it back on the meter at work, young jeezy air forces this is what came up 150.6 on music is fine with me, i think it will manage
  2. they are doing great, no problems at all hits everything perfect even with the 38hz tuning, lows are still killer
  3. i made it this summer, just working on it here and there at the shop
  4. Well finally got around to making a video, just a few quick shots today, i dont like filming around the house because of neighbors click HQ to watch it better http://s167.photobucket.com/albums/u146/ba...current=DC1.flv link to build is in my sig i believe comments welcome
  5. tis me... been spending a little more time over here, mostly stayed on ca.com, so not too known over here and they are not even XL's, just LVL 4's, i think your gonna be in for a surprise when you get your stuff going, 4 18s will be sick but here is the build log http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/ind...showtopic=46252 thanks guys
  6. just a quick 2min color change and drop, they are more of gunetal, to get them blackblack would take a bit more work just an idea before someone does it with a little more time
  7. i got a hella deal on my mlk2's, no way i would be able to afford a $2500 set of speakers, but they are the best sounding speakers ive had the chance to mess with, prolly one of my fav upgrades, bad thing is most people dont know or could care less about good sound but you have to realize there is more to it than just getting nice speakers and putting them in, without a good EQ and Time alignment it would be a waste, if i were you i would look into a processor or new HU, the new kenwood excelon units have a ton of sq stuff in them, T/a, pretty good eq, etc
  8. srp on new HSK's are like 420$ i think the spaces will sound good though, just cost a little more but you're getting a nicer tweeter
  9. ive grown accustomed to hertz, none of their stuff has let me down, i love my MLKs, i would even run their high energy ones, they sound awesome for the money can you not use plates and get any extra depth? if you can i would reccommend the hsk's, the new remodeled version, if not im sure the space sets are good sounding, they are really neat speakers when you look at them in person
  10. never used either, mb quarts i would assume are gonna be harsh compared to hertz, just hear say, never used any might want to try diymobileaudio.com for better results
  11. we had them on the hertz display, never really bothered with them, its the same tweeter as the mlk165s what are you trying to do with them? depth restrictions?
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