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  1. Ok cool. Thanks. I don't have internet at home and was trying to figure out how to use sub box app on my phone and I couldn't get it to work right. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hello. I ran across a set of plans for the mentioned sub and it looks like what we will be doing in my sons 01 F150 ext cab. He is removing the rear seat and wanted to put in subs. Being on a budget and limited income he purchased a pair of American Bass XO1244 subs, PH1600, and PH4100 amps. I am helping with the design and construction of the box. (Design, I mean finding someone with the knowledge to design haha). As far as constructing the box. So just browsing plans, I found the dual 12” slot ported plans on CT web site and wondered if it will work with the XO subs? It says 35Hz/3.0 cubic feet. THANKS in advance!
  3. Juat wondering about people's real world experience on the SA-8? Is this a good combo SPL/SQ sub? I like the large output from a small driver. Power will come from an old school Rockford Fosgate Power 300 MOSFET bridged. Any thoughts in boxes? I like the idea of placing the subs on each side of the trunk toward the rear in the side pockets. Ported, or sealed? Thanks in advance. I'm a new b by the way:) Shawn
  4. Hi. I'm new to the forum and working from my iPhone so u can't post pics I don't think. That's a nice collection you have Bigdwiz.. So for now I'll just post what I have: Power 300 MOSFET Punch 45HD Two Punch 30 Oeq-1 AF/2HD XV-1 All in matching chrome shrouds with red silk screen PA-1HD Punch 45 (non HD)
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