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  1. Matching the gains of mulitiple amplifiers. This procedure requires the CC-1 to be placed in a special mode reserved for SPL competitors and audiophiles. 1. Switch the CC-1 off by holding the OFF button for 1 second. (This must be done to initalize the program mode) Now switch CC-1 power on by pressing the ON button. (Well obvious. Check) 2. Disconnect the harness to make sure there is no signal being applied to the CC-1 and that the Signal LED is NOT illuminated. (Check) 3. Press and hold the READ button for 3-5 seconds or until the Set LEDs start flashing. Release Set button. CC-1 is now in competition mode!! (Check.) 4. Next you need to connect the CC-1 to the “Master” amplifier’s outputs. Use the included harness to connect to amplifier’s outputs; Red to speaker (+) and Black to battery ground. (Check. The harness was already wired up so all i had to do was plug in the rca's) 5. Set the source unit’s volume to zero. Select the track on the CD that corresponds to the desired frequency you wish to match gains at. If you don’t know which frequency to use try 40 Hz (track 10 Disc A) if it is a subwoofer amplifier, or 1 kHz (track 8 Disc if it is a full range amplifier. Play track on repeat.(Check, however i used the 40 -5 track on the DD-1 disk. This couldnt make it have different voltages though because both channels are reading the same input.) 6. Continue by turning up the source unit volume until you see the Signal LED illuminate green. If the LED turns red, this indicates the volume is too high. Turn volume down until LED remains green. (Check) 7. When Signal LED remains Green, press the READ button. The Blue Calibrated LED should illuminate. (Check) 8. Now without touching any adjustments on anything, connect the CC-1 to the output of the next amplifier that you wish to match it’s gain to the first amplifier. (Check) 9. The LEDs will indicate if the gain is too high or too low compared to the “Master” amplifier. (Yeppers) 10. Adjust gain on the amplifier that the CC-1 is now connected to until the Calibrated LED illuminates. The amplifier’s gain is now matched to the Master amplifier’s gain within +/- 0.05dB !! (Check) After reading it 3 times now i still fail to realize what you're talking about Ray. If you know what i did wrong lemme know. Everything was textbook as far as these instructions go.
  2. Id listen to him if he told me what i did wrong. Ill list the instructions and check what i did.
  3. I re-read it and still not catching any errors. Everything was done right.
  4. After all, it matches output. As long as both channels read the same signal, it should still match it.
  5. Well, after reading it I did everything it said except I played it at 40 -5 DB which shouldn't really matter. Ill do it again at 40hz but I'm sure the results will be the same.
  6. Idk where the manual is but I think d amore has it on their site. Ill check and see if I did it right then ill post again.
  7. Yeah its for subwoofers. 1&2 are bridged and 3&4 are bridged. Its my friends setup lol. There is a lpf on there as well.
  8. Well I used the cc-1 to gain match 2 channels on a 4 channel amplifier. There are 2 gain knobs on the amp. 1 for channel 1&2, and the other for 3&4. After using the cc-1 to gain match, one channel was at..... lets say 40 volts and the other that I was matching to was at 30. I can't remember the exact volts. I was using the 40 -5 DB track when doing this. Was I supposed to use another track or should I just use a volt meter to gain match? I Just trusted that the cc-1 was right and left it since its not a big deal if it was wrong. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  9. And I have no idea what I'm doing. However, the area that the rear deck was will be reinforced so I'm sure it will be fine. There will be steel bars reinforcing the bottom of the rear window and bars reinforcing the sides.
  10. Yeah that kinda makes sense lol. Idk I guess ill figure it out when I start the build.
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