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  1. Tested in my house on first day and it plays just fine sounding so I doubt it's DOA, just the reading is throwing me off.
  2. Yeah they play with power, but the amp would have nothing to do with the subs ohm readings.
  3. Checked using that site and I have it wired "right" never had any issues with this ddm, check my other subs with it and it's spot on
  4. Only running ~300rms to them until I figure this out, I don't want to have the wiring messed up and blow it before I can give them any real power. What sized box were using? Just curious
  5. Got a new re audio srx 12 inch dual 2 ohm I wired it 4ohm but when I test my wires going to the amp it reads 6.8 ohms. I double checked the box and it states dual 2 ohm not the 4 ohm one. Anyone had this problem with the srx 12? Or any other sub? Did I just mess up the wiring or r they just high? Any thoughts?
  6. planning on buying one of these next paycheck just wondering whats the cubes i need for a 28-30hz ported box for a single vvx 12. round port or slot opinions welcome too just for a daily driver no spl contests i have a mb quartz onyx 1500.1d amp.
  7. Looking for a new sub since mine got stolen last night.. I have a Mb quart onyx 1.1500d amp. Not looking to do spl contests but would like to b punched in the back on double bass songs. Size doesn't matter (even though it'll probably end up being a 12). But open to all sugguestions.
  8. So basicly the meter isn't pickin up my sub? And my fronts r peaking at about 103db?
  9. but if it goes to 130db y does it hit 103 at my mid volume range and doesnt go up past 103 db with higher volume? again probably the shitting meter cooment. but any other reason? besides someone saying 103 db is my max.
  10. bought a cheap spl from sonicelectrionics http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_33985_Scosche-SPL1000F-SPLMETER.html .it peaks at 103db at half volume and wont get any higher sitting in the drivers seat. the closer to the front speakers i get the higher it goes up to 131+db it says but nothing higher when i take it closer to my sub. so is my meter just shitty and isnt picking up my music correctly? or am i really only hitting 103db at the drivers seat?
  11. I get 2v pre outs at 50/50 volume and then 1v at 44/50 then it goes to .3v at 35/50 volume, I have no way to tell at what point my hu clips at do I set it to 75% max volume 35.
  12. Instead of the 2.5v I thought I was sending to the amp
  13. Well found out at my 75% max volume my rcas where only putting out .3 volts, so retuned my amps knowing that's how much voltage there getting and my sub is 20x louder and cleaner.
  14. When I set my subs gain I had the subwoofer setting at +08 which is max. Also have a rf punch control which is a gain knob (yes I have tested this) but even at my full gain I don't get any sub response until about 25% (10-40)of my max clean head unit volume
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