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  1. Hey how many amps should my alternator b???
  2. Hey kranny wat kind of system u.got
  3. Naw stroupe wait u mean my 6 12's???
  4. I was raised on all my friends n uncle's having kicker...my first system was 2 12 kickercomp. My second was 4 12 cvr den 2 15 L7 n den 4 15L5 n now my 6 12 kicker L7..
  5. Well I truly appreciate everyones opinion ..... For da person dat asked Wat kind of box I had before ...I never had a box for 6 12's I'm barely getting one now my last setup was 4 15 L5's wit dat 2500 hifonics amp... Dats y i came here kranny so i can understand n listen to everyone's opinion... I still have all my 0 gauge wire ..my remote...ground n rcas ...I went to a dealer dat does all this setup but i wanted to Cum here n find out more n to b honest u guys been real helpful
  6. im asking for ohms cause im kinda new to this... n i want my $hit to b da loudest
  7. its kool ur not da first i work in construction so its brutal all day
  8. aint nothing wrong wit dreaming big
  9. ok so i need alternator??? good amp n how many batteries ..
  10. its says dual 4... i kinda get bout da difference between 2 or 4 ohms...
  11. The paper says available in dual 2 ohm or dual 4 voice coil ....Wats da difference???
  12. Damn I didn't know i needed all dat ....
  13. It's for a 2006 Ford explorer
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