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  1. i was looking at sub up port ,amp would be rockford 1500bd, 32 hz tuning .........
  2. no input on whether am on the right track or not........
  3. just tried some measurements in tores all inputs are welcome
  4. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/207233-help-needed-sundown-x-15-enclosures/
  5. i would love some if someone cud build for me but am all the way in the Caribbean st Lucia to be exact so a design would be good and will try get it done the best way i can
  6. need some help in building and enclosure for single sundown x 15" 1250rms will be feeding it rated power it will be going in the trunk of my lancer cedia wagon max width 37.5, max height 17 and max depth 25.5 its gonna be my daily driver playing wide range of music just need to get the best output possible ...thanks in advance
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