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  1. Thanks man!! I have stock ALT and one xtra battery the PM1 diehard platinum 100 AH. Im going to add two more batteries and do the big 3. Hopefully a 150 soon!!
  2. Ok and do external ports? I can squeeze 6in ones. An 8in is too wide
  3. Looks Good!! I only have 32" max width to work with so hopefully i can squeeze the 6" ports in there.. Should i put ports in center or drivers side?
  4. Thanks Fecupe!! Im going to try that with two 6" aeros .
  5. Yeah haha shit talkers everywhere!! Im going to build another box subs/port forward and sealed
  6. 8 layer flatwound aluminum psi recones!!!!
  7. Box is tuned around 44hz.. PSI recones on these DD 9512s.
  8. So im at 148.1 on a DD M3 @.5 ohm on two DD 9512s.. subs forward and port side firing
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