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  1. Some photos of my truck. Everything from stop has done by me 2002 s10 extreme, !9" tsp wheels custom painted by me again Led underbody and wheel wells. Custom center console. again my buy me;) 4 alpine type s door speakers. 1 !2" kicker cvr. Jensen amp 600 watts 4 channel, Broke couple weeks ago so no highs right now Alpine 1000watt sub amp. Optima battery and big 3 upgrade with all 0 gauge wire. Custom exhaust flower master with right side turndown. APC racing seats. Painted dash and other plastics painted by me. Hid fogs and headlights 6k fogs and 10k headlights. also police alley likes in the grill for some added lights. Front valence custom with custom fog lights. Which have 7 color halo, also the headlights are halos. Air hors 4 horns 5 gallon tank. switch mounted in center console. I'm only 20 i even had cancer when i was 13 of the thyroid. had to have multiple surgeries on neck. Also have a condition called pseudo obstruction which means m stomach and instants only work 10% have had multiple surgeries for that also. I don't let those things get me down. I have also built 2 other are with my dad. One was a ground up resto of my dads 1963 Nova. Making about 480hp to wheels. Also built dads friends truck 1969 c10 making about 390hp to the wheels. I have also had a grandam with everything customized same as this truck again all done by me. Just found this forum always thought Steve Meade was badass and now that he is making all these products they will be in the future for my truck. I wish i could live the life like Steve straight badass
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