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  1. Hi every one i am looking at getting a new sub woofer for my 2019 mustang i just bought. I have an amp from my old car and would like a professional opinion on how or what to get for the amp i currently have that has been very reliable to me . my amp is at this one I would also like an opinion on components due to the crappy China ones that came with my car. thank you for your time
  2. I am looking for advice on how to configure what to buy to upgrade my components cause i have some blown speakers i want to buy high end cause i have a 15 kicker that pounds like a jack hammer and would love to use it to the full potential. I would also like to up grade my stereo to get a back up camera and a GPS on it would love some suggestions. thank you for your time
  3. had this system for about 6-7 years probably just got old and shitty but i will get better grade wire thanks for info
  4. amp shows power still so would think its ok what would you suggest for a terminal if i try going that route?
  5. Went to drive for breakfast had no boom. I looked at the connections and this is what i found Can i replace the connector or is my sub toast?
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