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  1. well thanks everyone for their input. I will hopefully be at the fresno show to compete again. the shop i go to just got a term lab so now i have somewhere i can test run my truck at.
  2. I want to get as loud as i can with the equipment that i have. I spoke to my shop today they said if i put the mike on the drivers side it might be louder, because thats where the port is, on the drivers side.
  3. Yea it was in Corcoran. They put the mike on the passenger side and I was loudest with my door open. My box was made my by auto sounds of Bakersfield, from what I recall the box was designed by Brian from addictive audio.
  4. My xs power bat in the back is directly grounded to the frame. i tested the batteries today and they both read about 12.7.
  5. From what i've read the xs power d series are made to be under the hood if im not mistaken. Would it be an issue if i get a bigger bat for under the hood first? will having the smaller d925 in the back cause any issues?
  6. yea i do want to continue to compete and i would appreciate the help. ha I liked my addictive audio subs lol, it was recommended to me by a shop who i trust. But im open to new ideas, what subs do you compete with?
  7. yes i have the big 3. i was thinking about dropping the xs power d1400 under the hood, would this be a good idea? im kinda skeptical about it because i would have the bigger battery up front, or would i be better off just upgrading my d925?
  8. I have a audioque 2200d ran at 1 ohm. My electrical consist of a dc power 300 amp alt, a duralast battery under hood and a xs power d925 next to my amp. My voltage stays above 13.3 but my lights still dim. Do I need more battery's and am I giving my amp the juice it needs to perform at its best?
  9. no its the source level adjustment on my pioneer deck. I had it at 3 during the comp. today i set it to 4 then re tuned with my dd-1 and my max volume decreased to 33 out of 40 instead of it being 34 out of 40. just curious about this.
  10. Cool man I already ordered some 60 amp fuses so i can play around with them. Now I tune with a dd-1 and today I notice the higher I put the sla the lower my max volume is? Do you use the sla?
  11. What's the lowest size fuse you think I can get away with? Will a smaller fuse result in me getting a lower score?
  12. Since i had a 150 amp fuse they put me in Modified 3. One of the judges told me that if i can get a 60 amp fuse that would lower me to modified 2.
  13. no i dont. i never really thought about competing. I just liked my music loud, but after yesterday i would really like to get into it .
  14. So yesterday I finally entered into a meca competition. I'm running 2 addictive audio 12's on a Audioque 2200 in a blowthrough enclosure. I have a 300 amp alternator from dc power and a xs power d925 for my electrical. Got a 144.3 on the termlab with a 34 hz tone. I really liked the experience and hope to enter into some more comps and hopefully get a little louder. Does anyone have some tips that i can use? any input would be appreciated.
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