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  1. + amp ( more amperage) or high output alternator. Im gonna replace the alternator for a high output, so your sayng to do the big 3 anyway?
  2. actually thats what im doing, because the mtx box specs are like for 2.6 cu ft i thin
  3. just a heads up, you can click Quote thats on the lower right of every single post, to respond to it. instead of hyperlinking each persons username. Lol! thanks is my first time on this forum
  4. What would be better? do the big 3 or my original idea was replace alternator for +amp, and put 1/0ga cable for ground and posi + all the 1/0ga to run for the other battery
  5. Kranny Got it, acually i was going to do that, ok kinetik they told me to do that only that the (-) i will get it from one of the bolts of the alternator and the (+) i can get it from the battery. n1ghtsn1p3r thanks for that info that helps alot.
  6. Thanks all for your answers. i have all the tools and crimps to do it all. armykyle1 what do you mean whit the one + one?. Also i have all the tools and crimps to do it all. ¿I have like 14 yrs of installation experience, but to be honest i dont know much like in custom mades or sub box specs. theres many things i dont understand, but i know the basics). Cadillac John About the fuses i have them all to connect both batteries, amps and everything. bassface honestly i didnt do any research about it i just saw it was for that and i want it to try it, but for sure i let you know as soon as i connect everything. 07denali Thanks for the info, and i will made a 3.4 cu ft at 30 htz so i hope that works, i know theres many other better subs, but hnestly i had one 12 before and it handle what ever i trow on it, heres the link of my old truck whit that sub that im telling you. http://mtxrides.com/Ride.aspx?mc=1&ID=ba9c2372-6a99-469d-90ab-43f4aa4307da you can see the pics on the bottom.
  7. Hey what up! I have a question about my set up i just want to know if is enough or do i need something else, Im not gonna be competing or on car shows or what ever is just a descent sound system, so please just help me to se if that enough or is OK whit that, honestly i dont want to hear that theres other better brands or so, because i know theres probably better things but as i say im not gonna be on competitions also i like the way MTX 9500´s sound and also i get this because i get it "cheap". Well heres all the info: HEAD UNIT: Pioneer DEH-P4000UB (Just by the moment, im gonna get a better one). SPEAKERS: Front - MTX TX6 component / Rear - MTX TDX65 coaxials. AMPLIFIERS: MTX TE-604 (4 channel amp) / MTX TE-1501D (Mono amp). SUBWOOFERS: MTX 9500 15" T9515-44 (I have one at the moment but im thinking getting another one. What you think?). PROCESSORS: Audiocontrol In-dash Epicenter and THREE.2 equalizer. POWER: Optima Yellow top as main battery, PAC SPR-200 (Isolator and monitor) , Kinetik HC-2400 as audio battery. WIRES: Streetwires ZN9 RCA cables and KnuKonceptz 1/0 ga Main, ground batteries and sub amp cable, 4 ga voice amp, 8 ga remote cable, 8 ga Subwoofer cable and 16 ga Speaker cable. SOUND DAMPENING: 100 sq ft of FatMat Rattle trap and Dynaxorb for doors and sub-box. Heres a picture of what i have (I have change some things like sub box, epic-160, THREE.1 and blue battery. Now i get the custom sub box, In dash epicenter, Three.2 and black battery)
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